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Beyond Pokemon Go - augmented reality in your industry

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Beyond Pokemon Go - augmented reality in your industry

Augmented reality (AR) is not only for PokemonGo fans -  the potential for business applications is far more powerful. We are seeing manufacturing, logistics, education and construction clients working to leverage the technology.

AR is an overlay of virtual reality onto a view of reality, commonly via a tablet, smart phones, headsets or glasses.

For example, front line airline maintenance teams are utilising AR to access critical maintenance information, such as maintenance manuals or step by step guides, in real time. AR tools can even identify the equipment being maintained and automatically pull up a fault or risk diagnosis process and steps to resolve. AR is enabling these teams to increase operational availability of equipment, reduce maintenance costs and capture data more efficiently.


We are helping our clients identify and leverage AR in their operations and maintenance teams:

We evaluate the value of AR against other improvement opportunities. If there is value we team up with technology experts to pilot AR in suitable applications. We use the time to assess the impact on resourcing and changes required to support a new maintenance operating model.

If the pilot is a success, we help you capture the savings - rolling out new processes and transitioning to a smaller, more efficient maintenance team

We then help you hardwire the new organisation to ensure the savings are sustainable - deploying wiring with clear role descriptions, accountabilities and KPIs, standard operating instructions and support tools, establish reporting cycles from top to front-line and provide coaching to managers and supervisors to ensure teams are held to account.