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A global journey - Araceli's story

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Life at Partners in Performance is fast-paced, challenging and supportive. But don’t just take our word for it – hear what life at Partners in Performance is like, directly from our people.

Breaking into new industries

I started at Partners in Performance in 2015 after graduating from business school at the University of Michigan. For the first two years, I worked in our North America region and was able to work on all different types of engagements. I spent time in Scandinavia, the UK, as well as Florida and Texas in the US.

My background is in oil and gas, but I was really interested in expanding my toolbox and exploring other industries. The firm has helped me diversify my experience and move into industries I never thought I would have the opportunity to work in - telecoms, consumer goods and food manufacturing, legal services, power plants, healthcare, airlines and private equity.

 01 London with PiPers

Out in London with the team

Heading to the other side of the world

After two years at Partners in Performance North America, I was given the opportunity to move to Australia. Moving overseas is certainly a transition! From learning how to navigate those everyday differences between Australia and the US – like grocery shopping and public transport – to figuring out an entirely new tax and healthcare system, the move stretched me out of my comfort zone in the best way. The transition was made a lot easier by having my fellow colleagues there to support me and provide the inside scoop on the Aussie way.

For others thinking about making a move across regions, I highly recommend taking advantage of the opportunity. It can be scary and there are always going to be reasons holding you back, but it’s worth taking the chance. You’ll meet great people, get to know a different part of the world and grow personally and professionally in ways you never thought possible.

 04 Volleyball league with other expatsVolleyball league with other expats

Making the most of the experience at work

One thing I love about being a consultant at Partners in Performance is that I get to meet new people every time I start a new engagement. I love sitting down at a restaurant at the end of the week and looking around at the diverse group of people surrounding me. If the engagement is in a city or country I haven’t visited before, I try to make the most of it. I’ll usually spend my weekends exploring the region and have even decided to stick around after our work has finished to travel. I’ll hang out with the locals or join a random excursion. Oftentimes, my colleagues will be doing the same thing, so we get to take in the new sights together.

It has been great getting to know so many different people, from different backgrounds and places around the world. While in Australia, I took the opportunity to network with other female colleagues. Once every few months, the firm brings together all the female consultants in the region for a dinner. It’s been a great way for me to meet women who work with Partners in Performance from a variety of backgrounds who are at different levels in their career. I’ve learned so much from them and many have become my friends.

 tough mudderTough Mudder Challenge with the work team

What stood out for me

Working at Partners in Performance can be like a roller-coaster ride – the fun kind. There’s always a different challenge or learning experience happening. You’re never in your comfort zone, but rather a stretch zone; constantly working your mind and discovering new capabilities.

Thankfully, there’s always someone around to help guide and support you through the process, while pushing you further every time. I find myself learning and growing everyday with the help of my mentors and development leader. The firm's approach to coaching and development is personal and tailored specifically to my needs and goals. I know I’m going in the right direction and love hitting new milestones in my career, thanks to Partners in Performance.

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