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Skipp Answers: How do you create an inclusive culture?

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We're sharing some of the insights from our internal MD blog, where our people are given the opportunity each week to Ask Skipp Anything, posing any budding or burning questions they've got for Partners in Performance Managing Director.

"I’m committed to us creating a culture within the firm where diversity and inclusion are treasured and eventually become just the way we are."

- Skipp Williamson, MD


Culture is a really tough thing to try and manage, because it is an outcome – of the wiring, the behaviours and decisions it causes, and therefore, what it feels like working at Partners in Performance. It manifests as a living, breathing thing, which adapts and changes as people join and (hopefully not too often) leave.  

Every one of us affects our work culture on a daily basis  including the way we interact with each other  and as major social movements have taught us, each of us can have a ripple effect  through our decisions and behaviours. That can be daunting and exciting.

In our best moments at Partners in Performance, when we role model our values – of courage, integrity, compassion/respect, commitment and responsibility, and our unswerving focus on Unleashing Potential – we can create ripples and create an exciting, supporting, fun culture that celebrates and feeds on each other’s strengths. 

That’s pretty cool isn’t it? That you can personally create ripples and influence company culture. For me, it means picking the value that you love and bringing it to life – exude it, role-model it, make it infectious for others, perhaps bring them in on your crusade.

I’m committed to us creating a culture within the firm where diversity and inclusion are treasured and eventually become just the way we are.

I want us to constantly celebrate our diversity our different lives, cultures, backgrounds, passions and experiences. Diversity is imperative to a great work environment, and it becomes part of what makes us so interesting to work with. And with diversity there's another value we constantly reinforce – the importance of inclusiveness and how unconscious bias can affect our own behaviours and therefore the people around us.

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🌈In line with International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Interphobia & Transphobia (#IDAHOBIT), our MD Skipp has shared the following with us: "Let’s use today as another reminder to just notice how we behave, and focus on making this the kind of culture where we cherish each other for the very interesting and very different lives and strengths and weaknesses in each of us. There’s a little bit of weird in all of us – find out what it is and enjoy it together."⠀ ⠀ Comment, like, and even share a spash of rainbow with us 🏳️‍🌈⠀ ⠀ #embracediversity #lifeatpip #pipanz #pipcis #pipeurope #pipasia #piplatinamerica #pipnorthamerica #equality #inclusion #rainbows

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An inclusive culture is created by each and every one of us – one kind conversation a day, or one five minute chat to understand another’s world can make such a difference. Over time, as we all do this, this will accumulate into a fantastic, inclusive place where we can all deliver some amazing things and be supported to reach our full potential. 

I want our people to know they can bring their whole self to work – to be able to share their highs and lows (in and outside of work), and know they can be accepted and celebrated for who they are. I want them to have the greatest life they can and to be loved and supported when things aren’t going well, and celebrated when things are. There's something unique in all of us find out what it is, live it, and we can enjoy it together.  

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