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We enable organisations to become high performing through unleashing their full potential.

Our story


Skipp Williamson founded Partners in Performance in 1996 after feeling like there was something missing from the traditional consulting model. For Skipp, the answer meant creating a consulting firm that focused on an organisation's inherent capability, accountability and performance culture to deliver real and ongoing results.

Our first engagement was a successful pay-for-results engagement to turnaround UK Paper. Since these early days, we have grown to be a top-tier consulting firm employing more than 500 consultants and support staff globally.

Our consultants have helped transform businesses across all industries. In the last four years alone, we have helped our clients achieve more than $10bn of measurable revenue and cost improvements, along with $40bn in capital cost reductions and $1.9bn in sourcing savings.

What makes us different


Focused Results: Unlike many consulting firms, we don’t just solve single problems or create one-time improvements – we drive permanent transformations. Over and over again, we deliver game-changing results for our clients. We’re known for the speed in which we implement and the large-scale results we achieve. But our real measure of success is your organisation’s ability to continuously improve on those results long after we are gone through developed capabilities and accountability. 

Permanent Transformations: We coach our clients to produce big, fully implemented results – and we’re happy having our fees contingent on results delivery. We wire businesses up to make them transparent and easy to manage, working with clients to make continuous improvement a way of life. Along with coaching and training your people, we'll give you a toolkit to use once we head out the door. 

Unleashing Potential: Our practical and simple approach can be adapted to fit any business, which is why we’ve been successful across so many industries. When applied and maintained, our clients go through the journey of unleashing their potential, both individually and as an organisation.

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PIP values

Our values and noble purpose are what get us out of bed in the morning. They guide our thinking, helping us decide what to do and what not to do. 

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Capability Building

Capability building

If results are going to have lasting impact, the workforce must be trained in how to deliver and maintain them. For this reason, capability building is integral to our work from day one.

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