How do we continuously develop capabilities in everyone we work with?

We employ multiple approaches including formal classroom training and on-the-job coaching.  

Coaching and training is in our DNA. We work closely with your managers, supervisors and front-line personnel to build skills in the areas that drive operational performance.

We get involved at the front line to identify and resolve the most critical issues you are facing within your organisation. We use our proven approaches and methodologies, giving your team the confidence needed to be successful and teach others alike.

We also head to the classroom with over 600 training tools and materials ready to be utilised by our team and your organisation. Our customised toolkits arm you with everything you need to move forward rapidly. Be ready to participate and learn practical, on-the-job techniques that will keep your organisation well equipped today and down the road. 

What else should you know about our training courses?

  • Since adults learn best by combining short periods of classroom training with on-the-job coaching, we make sure our courses mirror that approach also, making it easier for you to deliver real, implemented results.
  • Our courses are offered both onsite, as part of an engagement, and offsite as a standalone programme. 
  • Because we have such a vast pool of resources, the toolkits we share with you are packed full of useable materials tailored specifically to your needs. No matter your level within your organisation, you’ll benefit from our training and coaching.
  • Our courses are used to support hands-on coaching and training especially for you. Our widespread knowledge base teaches everything from continuous improvement and strategic sourcing to lean and construction productivity.
  • As a course attendee, you will have the full support of the Partners in Performance Business Coach who will serve as your role model and support team, as skills are mastered.  
  • Courses are structured to reflect the steps required to implement results, no matter who is responsible for delivering them. We have a tailored training programme for each individual involved in the organisation.
  • Once you’ve completed a course, you will successfully be able to apply your customised toolkit and methodologies to the real business situations you find yourself in every day. You will also have the confidence to replicate what you learned across other parts of your business, without having to engage us again (although we’re always willing to help).

While training in a classroom is vital, being able to demonstrate capability is when success is ultimately achieved. We track and measure the job capabilities for you and offer support as you ‘hard-wire’ ongoing performance improvement. This helps strategically align you with your organisation’s objectives.