Leadership Team

Aldous Mitchell


Outside of work, Aldous trades his work suit for a race suit, racing cars internationally, having competed for instance in the World Endurance Championship (Le Mans Series). There’s another pedal where he puts his foot down though, and that’s on his drum kit. Aldous is also a talented professional musician and widely published composer but tells us that if he wasn’t currently concerning himself with four wheels, he’d be helping our four-legged friends, working to protect endangered felines in South America.

High-performance, focus, and persistence are all qualities required on the race track, but also in his roles as Partners in Performance Director and Digital Government Leader. Aldous brings over 20 years of experience in digital, strategy, policy, organisational design, and operational improvement, including 10 years at Boston Consulting Group. Prior to his MBA at INSEAD, he worked at UBS Investment Bank in London.

Aldous has worked across a range of public sectors including Housing, Justice, Defence, Education, Transport, Health, and Treasury, and has worked in Australia, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. He has led significant reforms and highly impactful projects to bring improvements across Australian governmental sectors.

Career snapshot

  • Justice System reform: led highly impactful projects to solve significant problems within Federal, Queensland, Victorian, and South Australian Justice. Involved intense liaison between senior Government officials (Treasury, Attorney Generals etc), Chiefs of Police, Chief Justices, Chief Prosecutors, and other stakeholders. Brought adversarial agencies together for system collaboration and evidence-based, rapid decision-making.
  • Housing reform: led projects within Australian State Housing sector to devise policy, reduce costs, reduce waiting lists, increase construction rates, and optimise the Departments’ resources and expenditure.
  • Defence reform: led the ‘First Principles Review’ transformation at Australia’s Department of Defence; arguably the largest transformation project ever undertaken in the Australian Public Sector with 100,000 staff involved and a $100bn capital spend.
  • Advanced data analytics: designed the advanced data analytics function for a State Justice department, including predictive analytics, data lake, social media monitoring, and led a project to build the 12-month change agenda for a separate Justice agency in terms of strategic and performance reporting, with an data analytics focus.
  • Devised a long-term digital strategy for Australian subsidiary of a global media powerhouse: in response to major market entry threats from Google and Telstra
  • Multi-national online company: Advised company on its growth strategy, specifically how best to invest an expected $24bn cash event following the IPO of its investment Alibaba. Business areas included media licensing deals, mobile gaming and cloud marketing.
  • Police reform: devised a 12-year strategy including fundamental shifts in approach, processes, technology, and infrastructure for a state police force.
  • Treasury-led cost reductions: worked across several portfolios including Corrections and Police to generate cash savings over three-year forward estimates, totalling over $200m.
  • Australian Courts reform: led a highly regarded series of projects to make significant improvements to individual courts of law, including the Supreme Court of Victoria, the County Court of Victoria, the Children’s Court of Victoria, and the Family Court of Australia. Led a project to build the 12-month change agenda for Court Service Victoria in terms of strategic and performance reporting and organisational focus.
  • Process and organisational design: conducted multiple process / organisational design and improvement projects within government and financial services, such as the Victorian Work Cover Authority, Department of Education, National Australia Bank, Yahoo!, and others.
  • Transport: led multiple projects to mobilise or rescue major rail projects with a combined value of over $4bn.
  • Global PMO: led the Middle East, Levant, subcontinent, and North African section of a complete bottom-up redesign of HSBC, contributing to the creation of a state-of-the-art organisation and a $2bn reduction in costs. Ran the PMO with a consulting and client team, acting as facilitator between business units, HR, finance, legal, global executive management, and other key stakeholders.
  • Australian PMO: led the PMO during the merging of two of Australia’s largest consumer goods companies, with a programme team of more than 100 consultants and client team members. Involved a ground-up redesign of the organisation and achieved twice the expected cost benefits. Acted as advisor to CEO, whilst coordinating HR, finance, communications, legal, sales, and other functions, as well as product groups.
  • Department of Human Services Digital Transformation: supporting their enterprise wide digital transformation with a collective budget approximately $1bn, including a number of projects on the forefront of digital innovation including voice biometrics, facial recognition software, machine learning, data lakes, CX, omnichannel, AI, RPA.
  • Prepared turnaround and future growth strategy: for the Board of a large international sports and online gaming firm.


Aldous earned an MBA from INSEAD, majoring in Strategy and Finance, and has a Bachelor’s degree in Business