Leadership Team

Alexey Kuznetsov


As a Director at Partners in Performance, Alexey has more than 10 years’ experience in operational improvement and line management. He started his career as a McKinsey consultant and investment banker at Goldman Sachs, before going on to develop an impressive CV. Boasting C-suite leadership roles for the metals and mining companies with annual turnover more than $10bn, he worked across industries including metals and mining, power production and utilities, aluminium production and processing.

His role with Partners in Performance has offered him the opportunity to work in Russia, the United States, South Africa and Mali. He’s also managed to tick off two bucket list destinations - New Zealand and Japan. Lucky for him, those happened to be two locations where Director conferences were held, and simultaneously an opportunity to fulfil long-held travel dreams. At home, he trades budgets for children's books and productivity reports for playing games, occasionally impressing his kids with his backyard basketball skills.

Career snapshot

  • Productivity analysis of the Russia-based coal company which included benchmarking against international peers and deep-dive factor analysis of controlled productivity factors, and externally-driven factors such as regulations-driven corrections, geological factors, existing equipment size etc.
  • A number of diagnostics of open-pit and hard-rock underground mines.
  • Diagnostics of the nitric-acid plant, where the team identified 8.5% production improvement potential coming from the decrease in maintenance downtimes (2.5%) and optimisation of the production regimes (6%).
  • Review and reduction of the mining company maintenance budget, where the maintenance budget was decreased by 11% without increasing production risks.
  • Maintenance improvement project for the underground mining company over 4 months, during which the team defined a maintenance strategy for key equipment, improved wiring, installed maintenance planning and budget control systems, and increase availability of key underground mobile equipment from 68% to 82%.
  • Transition planning project for a South African mining company in which the team developed detailed work packages for a transition project, defined and started tracking of project KPIs, and created a War room to control project execution.


Alexey’s qualifications include a PhD in Nuclear Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and MBA program from Sloan Business school (MIT).