Leadership Team

Anuj Arya


Commitment speaks volume in today’s world and vowing to do the right thing time and time again is one of Partners in Performance’s core values. Imagine committing to achieving success repeatedly, the right way, no matter who the client is or where they’re located. With over 100 assignments under his belt, this is exactly what Anuj Arya has done.

Spanning the globe, Anuj has facilitated organisational design, supply chain management, scenario planning and other strategic initiatives across multiple industries. A few that stand out are oil and gas, mining, chemicals and utilities with companies in the United States, Europe, South American, South Africa and Asia. Before joining, Anuj spent time at Booz Allen Hamilton and A.T. Kearney.

Anuj enjoys traveling all over the world, both professionally and personally. When he’s home, you can find him working on perfecting his tennis and cricket games.

Career snapshot

  • Increased throughput by 30% at an underground nickel/copper blasthole mine, focusing on production, planning, geology, engineering, backfill, development rate and maintenance.
  • Increased throughput by over 50% at an underground narrow vein nickel/copper mine.
  • Increased development rate by over 50% at a nickel mine. Implemented high potential ideas to reduce the time of the ground control step by more than 60%.
  • Helped restart a closed underground narrow vein copper mine. Worked on commissioning, Wiring, ideas, visual displays, cascaded Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), workforce training and sustainability training.
  • Identified a US$25m-plus opportunity at a South American zinc smelter.
  • Successfully implemented a process to improve shared services at a large mining operation. This increased prioritisation and overall efficiency in IT, Finance and Sustainable Development and focused efforts on the execution of priority initiatives.
  • Identified over US$20m of opportunities to restart a closed ferro-nickel mine.
  • Conducted a diagnostic at a large copper mine and smelter, identifying more than US$40m-worth of savings.
  • Reduced train operations turnaround time by 63% at an iron ore mine.
  • Developed and implemented the procurement and supply chain strategy for a large mining operation with two mines, a mill and a smelter.
  • Reduced general and administrative (G&A) expenses by 22% at an independent energy company by developing shared services agreements.
  • Achieved 20% economic value-added (EVA) improvement at a plastics producer.
  • Led the development of an upstream natural gas strategy for two large oil and gas majors.
  • Reduced cost, by over 20%, at a technology service company focused on oil and gas and chemicals. Refocused the business to deliver new products and services to 30 of the largest oil and gas and chemical customers.
  • Developed a global liquefied natural gas (LNG) strategy for a large European utility.
  • Developed various strategies for a large utility, including a fossil fuel and a nuclear generation strategy, a customer pricing strategy and a distributed generation strategy. Piloted and institutionalised Sales Force Effectiveness methodologies and corporate-wide strategic measures.
  • Reduced capital expenditure (Capex) by 18% at a nuclear power plant by developing fleet management business processes. Assisted in performance improvement implementation. Developed and implemented standardised operations, maintenance and capital investment management procedures and increased availability by 13%.
  • Assisted a natural gas utility senior team (CEO, COO, CFO, CSO) in M&A initiatives.
  • Redesigned a power plant’s organisational structure in order to streamline operating structure, focus on important KPIs and improve decision-making.
  • Assisted a chemicals company to develop M&A strategy so as to acquire specialty chemicals business.
  • Led A.T. Kearney’s vertical eProcurement marketplace development for utilities and helped develop the horizontal marketplace.
  • Helped implement a procurement and inventory management approach at a manufacturing company, reducing costs in many categories by more than 25%.


MBA from The Tuck School of Business Administration at Dartmouth (Tuck Scholar and graduated first in his class) and Bachelor of Technology (with Distinction) in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi.