Leadership Team

Duncan Peppercorn


Duncan is Head of Operations. He ensures that day-to-day operations run smoothly, that we are continuously improving, and that we deliver on our commitment to our people. Duncan has over two decades of experience in senior consulting roles and is proud to have started Social Ventures Australia Consulting, a firm dedicated to working with non-profit organisations and on social issues in Australia.

Duncan loves spending time with his kids and keeps us wondering what he means when he says he has a rather random approach to cooking. A unique hobby of Duncan’s is collecting recordings of dead pianists.

Career snapshot

  • Creating and leading the first Australian consulting business dedicated to addressing social issues, and exclusively working with clients who are focused on issues of inequality, disadvantage and wellness. Over eight years, Duncan built a sustainable non-profit company of 20 consulting staff, recognised as the go-to source of expertise and insight on these issues in Australia. Duncan was recognised as a thought leader in the sector, in demand for conferences and discussions in Australia and overseas.
  • Worked as a Senior Consultant at both McKinsey & Company and Bain, including leading their recruitment efforts at Australian and international business schools.
  • Joined the Sydney Symphony Orchestra as Chief Financial Officer to add analytical rigour to financial decisions, to renegotiate funding arrangements and to support the commercial growth of Australia's largest professional orchestra.
  • Multiple independent engagements including high-level strategic advice to commercial building, steel, legal and other major commercial businesses.


MA (Hons) from Cambridge University.