Leadership Team

Eriks Ciguzis


The ability to unleash the potential of Partners in Performance clients is at the heart of our business. Leaders like Eriks Ciguzis recognise and embrace that mission at their core, and in the process, end up unleashing their own potential as well. It makes life and work rewarding for everyone involved and it never gets old.

Eriks has been consulting for over 15 years, including three years with Bain & Company before coming to Partners in Performance. He speaks English, Latvian and Russian and works throughout a variety of industries including finance, mining and metals, retail, energy and utilities. His ultimate goal is to deliver tangible and efficient results through cost reduction and capital optimisation. Eriks also has a significant amount of experience with private equity clients on commercial due diligence and identifying value-creation opportunities. He has travelled to CIS, Eastern and Western Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Eriks loves cooking, but don’t expect to find him following a recipe. Putting his own spin on his food makes it way more interesting and tasteful, especially when pairing it with wine and enjoying with family and friends. Eriks can also be found indulging in TV classics like the Sopranos. His quote to live by is “per aspera ad astra” (Latin for “through hardship to the stars”).

Culture like that, I believe gives people freedom. Freedom to be themselves, to speak up when things go wrong, to challenge and to contribute. I love that, and am immensely proud and humbled that I have had a chance to be a part of its development.ERIKS, DIRECTOR, PARTNERS IN PERFORMANCE

Career snapshot

  • Increased mine output by over 10% at a gold mine in the Russian Far East. Other operational improvements included a 15%-plus increase in mine-fleet utilisation and a 20%-plus increase in drill availability.
  • Delivered a US$50m improvement at a European nickel and copper refinery, after increasing output of refined copper by 10%. This enabled a significant release of the precious metals’ inventory in a period of steep price decline.                
  • Improved net present value (NPV) by seven and a half times at an African open-cut iron-ore mine. This was achieved by making changes in mine configuration, by reducing capital expenditure (Capex) by US$3bn and by reducing operating expenditure (Opex) by 25%. Also reduced the project’s risk profile and the time to first ore.
  • Identified US$82m earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) opportunity at two sister open-cut and underground coal mines in South Africa. This was driven by increased production (75%) and cost-reduction opportunities (25%).
  • Delivered US$20m of general and administrative expense (G&A), operational cost and revenue benefits for an African gold refinery. This exceeded the client’s initial target by 300%.
  • Identified opportunities to reduce Capex by 30%, while maintaining the same operational effect, at an Eastern European underground coal mine. Capex reduction comprised both operational improvements and optimisations to the scale and scope of the investment.
  • Highlighted an opportunity to double the net present value (NPV) of a West African iron-ore mine, with an increase to internal rate of return (IRR) of 7%.
  • Identified opportunities to reduce procured spend by US$15-25m across the top five categories of relevant spend at a South African coal mine.
  • Identified opportunities to increase mine output by 30-40% at an underground coal mine in Kazakhstan.
  • Identified a 20% contractor cost-reduction opportunity as part of a Diagnostic for a South African opencast coal mine.
  • Identified ways to sustainably increase mine output by 25% at an Eastern European iron-ore mine.


MBA and Bachelor of Science in Economics and Business Administration from the Stockholm School of Economics.