Leadership Team

Fred Buckman Jr


Fred has more than 20 years of industry and consulting experience, focusing on the mining and energy sectors. His expertise lies in the areas of capital, operations and maintenance, construction productivity, corporate finance, and business development. His dedication, tenacity, empathy, and creativity allows him to build incredible client relationships. Fred delivers great results, and is always willing to go the extra mile for his clients. As a great thought leader, Fred also has an aptitude for collaboration and leading effective teams.

Prior to joining Partners in Performance, Fred worked with a large private equity firm to acquire and develop electrical utility assets and a large electric utility as an operator of coal- and gas-fired generation assets. He specialises in capital optimisation, risk management, rapid performance improvement, and increased asset reliability and has worked with clients throughout North America, Australia, and Africa.

Outside of work, Fred enjoys being outdoors with his family and friends in the US Pacific Northwest. Between golfing, fishing, hiking, and skiing, he has all the seasons covered. Fred is also an avid wine collector, having filled his cellar from all over the world. He loves nothing more than sharing the “fruits” of his labour with friends and family.

Career snapshot

  • Potash Project: responsible for a team that developed and implemented a risk assessment framework, front line work face planning and a new construction management organisation to improve the readiness and rate of a large shaft sinking and lateral development project. Results include significant improvements to both safety and schedule performance. Also delivered 250+% improvement to daily construction rate of project’s concrete liner, a 16% current (partial) year reduction and 45% next fiscal year reduction pipeline across all project and general and administrative expense functions of internal and external spend.
  • Coal export terminal: responsible for a team that delivered 50% cost improvement to coal export terminal permitting and operation.
  • Global Steel Manufacturer and Builder: Responsible for a team that identified and locked-in cost savings from consolidation of warehouse operations across multiple brands and diverse geography.
  • Open-pit met coal producer: Responsible for a team that delivered operational improvements equivalent to $150m per annum at more than 6.0 metric tonne metallurgical coal facility.
  • Global nickel/copper producer: Led warehouse, inventory control and procurement teams for an integrated nickel operation producing 70,000+ tonnes annually. Led asset entitlement team to $35m incremental annual EBIT at blast hole nickel mine in first year of commercial operation through increasing productivity, reducing maintenance downtime, and optimising scheduling and planning.
  • Global zinc/lead producer: Generated $20m in annual EBIT at concentrator/mine by increasing availability and total tonnes per operating hour. Actions taken concentrated in mill and heavy equipment maintenance on daily planning, shutdown preparation, preventative maintenance optimisation, and supervisor coaching.
  • Coal-fired power plant Operations and Maintenance: Responsible for the operations and maintenance staff of a 1,10 megawatt coal-fired power generation facility including ownership of unit availability, safe work practices, daily planning, and costs.


Fred has a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University, a Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Michigan and advanced certification in Strategic Marketing and Management from Emory University.