Leadership Team

Guilherme Pinheiro


Guilherme brings extensive experience in the global oil and gas industry. This includes helping businesses implement complex transformation programmes in Brazil and Latin America. He joined Partners in Performance in 2021 as a Director driving growth in the Brazil oil and gas sector, while also expanding our global oil and gas team and supporting the development of the global business.

Guilherme’s focus is on innovation and productivity gains, wherein he participates in all phases, from architecture and design through to the complete implementation and operation of new processes. He has assisted large companies in Latin America on a wide range of business transformation programmes, including strategic planning and design, and information systems, as well as operational efficiency, productivity, and innovation programmes.

Guilherme started his career at Accenture, graduating to the most senior level in his role as Senior Managing Director. He was also chairman of the 'Diamond Client Forum' representing Accenture’s biggest clients globally, and a member of the Global Leadership Council.  

While in Accenture, Guilherme was Managing Director of the Petrobras account, where he led various transformational programmes for 15 consecutive years. Guilherme has a passion for growth and was integral to both building and growing Accenture’s business in Brazil and moving key Brazilian organisations into its Diamond Club. More recently, he joined Petrobras as a member on the Strategic Committee of the Board of Directors and subsequently of the Investment Committee. He also served as a Board Member of  the Subsidiary Petrobras Transportation and President of the Strategic and Financial Committee of the Board of Directors.  

Guilherme is multilingual, speaking Portuguese, English, Spanish and basic French.

Guilherme delivers transparent, efficient, and transformational work, with the ability to provide value through integration and the efficient procurement of goods and services.