Leadership Team

Guy Turner


It takes an adventurous family to uproot themselves and relocate to the other side of the world. There are new landscapes to explore, different cultures to discover and memories to be made. Every once in a while someone does just that in order to help move the business forward. Guy Turner is one of them. A few years ago, he and his family moved from the UK to Australia when Guy joined Partners in Performance. Recently, they had the opportunity to head back home to the UK so Guy can lead the Europe region.

Guy is a global leader of the Capital Projects practice, and with almost three decades of experience, he’s served as an executive in engineering and construction and had roles in performance cost improvement. Before making his way to Partners in Performance, Guy spent eight years at McKinsey & Company. He’s worked across both North and South America, Australasia and Europe. Whether it be construction, oil and gas, manufacturing or e-commerce, Guy’s extensive knowledge among each of these sectors is reflective in the results he gets for his clients.

Guy is a competitive sailor and we hope he sticks to it while back in the UK. He can also be found on the ski slopes. When he’s looking for some downtime, Guy reads science fiction books and studies advanced technologies. He really appreciates beautiful architecture, which he’ll surely find an abundance of back in his hometown.

Career snapshot

  • Led development and implementation of a portfolio-wide asset management approach for a multi-site smelting business in Europe, leading to $300m NPV growth while reducing capital spend by 30%.
  • Redefined projects selection, definition and management systems for portfolio of National Defence department, a 20 year portfolio covering $25bn annual spend on defence equipment, IT systems and estate assets.
  • Led a series of fibre network construction engagements, delivering a number of significant throughput and productivity improvements to a range of contracts, from an 18% cost reduction on in-house main ring builds to a 45% rate increase on ticket of works completions rates.
  • Reduced sustaining capital spend on integrated copper mine and smelter by $417m, whilst also enabling 27% volume growth and 15% reduced Opex. Reviewed 400 projects and developed team buy-in to prioritise projects across whole operations against common KPI targets.
  • Led an audit for a government-funded $5bn rail programme, assessing project and contracting teams’ readiness to move into the construction phase of the project. Developed a series of key improvements to increase teams’ focus on performance and early correction of emerging issues.
  • Led the implementation of construction productivity improvement programme for a $8bn mine across multiple contractors. Coached front-line supervisors and engineers to improve daily performance, focusing on tangible daily targets and improvements.  Implemented a detailed KPI tracking system, cascading performance for each work-front up to engineering, procurement and construction contractor and owner, highlighting emerging issues early enough to minimise delays.
  • Led a construction readiness assessment of a coal mine expansion project. Reviewed two major contracts about to enter construction phase, identified opportunities to reduce the 20-month schedule by three to four months, and implemented performance tracking and reporting system for owner’s team.
  • Led the implementation of a construction productivity management system for an owner seeking to increase daily control of new cost plus contract, to assure the schedule and cost of the current year’s works. The system enabled immediate schedule improvements and will be used to plan future lower-cost shorter programmes through increased understanding of achievable productivity.
  • Led the development and implementation of a site-wide Management Operating System (MOS), as a core element to help a new management team redirect management behaviours and drive continuous improvement. The MOS integrated team from SH&E, production, maintenance, projects, engineering, HR, and finance using roles, KPIs and meetings cascaded across the business.
  • Led development and implementation of a construction productivity system, delivering increased readiness and rate for the construction of 80-plus contracts covering the $2.5bn development of a coal-seam gas gathering network, including coaching both owner and contractors’ teams, and performance improvement in procurement and interfaces with a variety of key partners.
  • Co-led the development of a monthly value assurance framework to inform and guide a joint venture partners corporate risk management team, overseeing a $12bn four-year investment in a coal-seam gas construction project, covering all upstream and downstream facilities from exploration and drilling through to the main gas terminal and associated port.
  • Led development and implementation of a project management guideline, defining key roles, processes, KPIs and reviews to ensure data-driven, transparent and effective project management for 29 projects. ($24bn spend in mines, rail, port and infrastructure.)
  • Performed due diligence on existing operations of a major outsourced service company for bidding – ultimately successful – private equity firm. Identified, developed and valued series of substantial cost-saving initiatives. 


MBA from Said Business School, Oxford University and Bachelor in Engineering from Southampton University.