Leadership Team

Mark Evans


Mark has over 15 years’ experience in management consulting including operations improvement, capital optimisation, and programme management. Throughout his career, he has worked across various industries including mining, ports, FMCG, capital markets and private equity.

With such diverse credentials, it’s not surprising that Mark’s career has also seen him work in more than 15 countries throughout Africa and across Europe. It’s South East Asia, however, that tops his list of favourite places to visit thanks to the incredible history and gastronomy of the region. Mark is also a passionate ultra-distance runner, clocking up many miles on impressively long ultra-marathon runs. Mark will tell you he is a much better person once he has had his run in the morning!

Career snapshot

  • Platinum miner: Led a large-scale transition programme to help a major platinum miner insource all mining and support operations, insourcing more than 6,000 employees and generating annual benefits of more than $40m per annum
  • Coal group: Worked with a major coal group to optimise the NPV of multiple large-scale capital projects, including $100m NPV at a South African mine and $1bn NPV at a mine-to-port project
  • African gold miner: Worked with one of Africa’s largest gold miners to develop a multi-year, multi-site programme to shift from contractor to owner-operated mining
  • Opencast phosphate mine: Identified and prioritised key levers to improve production throughput, rolling out a sustainable continuous improvement process to implement a portfolio of ideas and therefore improving production by more than 10% over the baseline
  • Manganese sinter plant: Drove a sustainable continuous improvement process that increased monthly production in the plant by 10% in six months
  • South African port operation: Developed a turnaround strategy that addressed financial, operational and organisational priorities
  • Opencast coal mine: Implemented a systematic and sustainable continuous improvement process including identification of key levers to deliver increased and more consistent production with no capital outlay, and improvement initiatives that increased equipment availability by more than 15%
  • Microfinance private equity fund: Led development of fund strategy, supervised investment activity, and managed value creation across a portfolio as Head of Investment Operations, managing an investment of US$50m in Microfinance across Africa for financial and social returns
  • European DVD manufacturer: Restructured operations in a move to low-cost geographies as Business Development Manager for pan-European optical media (DVD) operations (manufacturing, distribution and supply chain management)
  • South African car rental: Identified key levers for revenue generation and cost reduction by refining call centre strategy and processes, implementing profit-based incentive systems, and redesigning loyalty-card handling
  • South African capital markets: Implemented the technology agreement between the JSE and the London Stock Exchange, analysing system configurations, revising the trading model and redesigning organisational structures and processes


Mark has an MBA from the University of Oxford and a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from the University of Cape Town.