Leadership Team

Olazhir Ledezma


In business, there’s a big difference between telling someone what to do to fix a problem and being a leader who resolves a challenge using a hands-on approach. Most of us learn by doing, rather than just seeing. When organisations have the opportunity to jump in head first, and our people are right there with them, we find that our implementation toolkit leads them to real change, resulting in achievements that are sustainable. Emulating that all-in approach is Olazhir Ledezma.

As a professional with over 20 years of experience in consulting and the management of multinational companies, Olazhir has led clients to significant business improvements via design, execution and monitoring. He knows that his work doesn’t stop after implementation. As a former CMO of Belcorp, Partner at McKinsey & Company and Brand Manager at HJ Heinz, Olazhir has worked in a multitude of industries including basic materials, oil and gas, telecommunications and financial services.

Olazhir has had the opportunity to live and work in Peru, the US, Venezuela, Portugal and Mexico and still enjoys when he can travel with his wife and daughter. He stays fit by making sure to keep up a running regimen and Olazhir has some fun with his daughter by trying to beat her at PS4. He also tries a new restaurant each week when he’s home.

Career snapshot

  • Reviewed the cost structure, expenses policies and sourcing guidelines to support the implementation and monitoring of initiatives that saved more than US$80 Million per year at a Latin American telecommunications company
  • Defined and implemented the Strategic Sourcing organization and renegotiated 4 strategic categories saving between 12 and 15% at a Venezuelan consumer goods company
  • Defined and implemented actions that optimised administrative and operational cost iby 23% at a telecommunications organisation
  • Implemented actions that reduced operational and administrative costs  for a financial services company across 5 geographies by more than 25%
  • Designed and implemented actions for a telecommunications firm that increase the productivity of wireline deployment in more than 40% and reduced implementation time from 13 to 3 days
  • Identified opportunities in the administrative and operational process to increase efficiency in 40% and to reduce cycle time from 111 days to 30 days at a financial services company. Expected increase in Operational Results of 145% at the end of first year of implementation
  • Identified opportunities and implemented initiatives at a financial services organisation to reduce the delivery and activation of Financial Services Instrument form more than 2 weeks to 3 days.
  • Recommended adjustments to organization and Corporate Governance of a family conglomerate to sustain operational and commercial improvement initiatives.
  • Identified and implemented initiatives to reduce 200 US$ million Capex (20%) at a telecommunications firm through adjustments in investment scope and locations, material selection, design optimization and monitoring processes.  
  • Reviewed Capex scope to identify optimization opportunities of 15% (around US$ 300 million) at a basic materials company
  • Reviewed the capex scope and financing alternatives of nationwide gas pipelines identifying saving alternatives in excess of US$ 100 million for a large oil and gas player.
  • Reduced the capex budget of a financial services company by more than US$ 30 million.
  • Defined business guideline and model structure to evaluate investments in New Technology for a telecommunications company


MBA and a Master of Engineering of Manufacturing from the University of Michigan and Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineer at the Universidad Simon Bolivar in Caracas, Venezuela.