Leadership Team

Pablo Spinadel


One, two, maybe three? How about five? Not many people can say they are fluent in five languages. And, it’s tough to put into words, in any language, what that means to a company who works globally with clients who speak many different vernaculars. Pablo Spinadel happens to be a person whose communication skills span Spanish, German, English, Portuguese and Italian.

As someone who has travelled to South America, North America, Asia and Europe for work, each of those languages has come in handy for Pablo. He has worked across many industries, including mining, logistics, oil and gas, steel, banking, retail, telecommunications, automotive, electronics and petrochemicals. Before joining Partners in Performance, Pablo spent time at McKinsey & Company and was COO and Partner with OmniaWireless. He also had a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit as Managing Director and owner with EOT Management Consulting. Finally, Pablo served as a Global Wholesale Distributors Segment Manager with IBM.

He lectures on Operations Management and Project Management as a Professor in the MBA programme at the Universidad de San Andres. In his younger days, Pablo was a Saloon Dance Instructor which, we must admit, would have been fun to see. Today, he has a good time by playing volleyball, rowing and yachting. Pablo has a keen eye for good food and wine and loves entertaining both colleagues and clients. If you’re lucky enough you may get to experience Pablo’s traditional cooking of Argentinian Asado.

Career snapshot

  • Increased project net present value (NPV) by 100% after optimising plant configuration for a pulp and paper producer in Brazil. This focused on both size and product mix.
  • Identified and validated a 90% NPV improvement for a Brazilian iron-ore mine and plant by right-sizing the operation and employing various capital expenditure (CAPEX) and operating expenditure (OPEX) reduction ideas.
  • Improved project NPV, by 120%, to over US$2.5bn for a Brazilian mine and train operations based on right-sizing and introducing CAPEX and OPEX improvements.
  • Reduced overhead costs by over 40% at a large public bank in Argentina. This was realised by reducing headcount and the implementation time taken for a new core system.
  • Reduced operating costs by 20% at an underground gold mine in Brazil. Major levers for this improvement included de-bottlenecking operations and the rewiring of the organisation.
  • Tripled project NPV for an international gold company, which was planning a mine and plant in Brazil.
  • Improved NPV, by over 50%, for a AU$4bn port-rail-mine iron-ore project in Australia. Supporting this improvement was a 20% reduction in CAPEX.
  • Delivered a 20% reduction in total stoppage time after optimising the critical path for an international fertiliser company in Australia.
  • Identified and validated a 70% NPV improvement at a copper mine and plant for a large steel producer in South America. Improvement realisable through schedule reduction, employing CAPEX and OPEX reduction initiatives and right-sizing operations.
  • Improved process and cost reduction in a market-constrained environment at a large gold refinery and smelter in South Africa. Overall cost-savings trough process streamlined.
  • Delivered a 25% improvement to the project management efficiency of technology-related projects for a multinational beverage company. Time and cost reductions were 30% and 20% respectively.


PhD in Flexible Industrial Automation from the Technical University of Vienna, Austria, a mini-MBA at the Wharton School of Business at University of Pennsylvania and Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering from the Universidad de Buenos Aires