Leadership Team

Skipp Williamson


Occasionally, we meet someone who has managed to change the direction of 100s of lives. This person usually has a vision and a dream of innovation and change in the world. She sees a flaw in the way things have been done for years and takes a risk, affecting many others along the way. For Partners in Performance, this game-changer is Skipp Williamson, founder and Managing Director at Partners in Performance.

Skipp started in 1996 when she realised there was a better way to assist businesses in delivering lasting impact. She was tired of producing reports for clients and knew the answer was to deliver real results instead, by focusing on performance and accountability. Prior to founding Partners in Performance, Skipp worked for McKinsey & Company. She is an active member of Chief Executive Women, was a finalist in the 2013 Australian Financial Review and Westpac Group's 100 Women of Influence awards, and was named as one of Australia's top 5 most influential consultants in 2018 by the Australian Financial Review.

Skipp is married to her wife, Carol, and with two kids, her family life takes over after work. Skipp spends her weekends with her son at his opera competitions, and with her daughter at her horse riding and showjumping competitions. When she does have some extra time to herself, she tries to squeeze in a yoga session or a swim. Skipp also enjoys dinners with friends when the opportunity arises.

Career snapshot

  • Delivered AU$380m cash in six months (AU$530m annualised) for an Australian mining house. Client’s 12-month targets were delivered in four months across four sites and the head office. Cash savings were delivered within the first week.
  • Delivered a US$300m per year earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) uplift for a global nickel producer. Work spanned 11 sites, corporate headquarters, the metal purchasing and the marketing departments. Provided debottlenecking, cost reduction, supply chain, contractor management and capital productivity work.
  • Delivered AU$75m per year savings for a mineral resources producer. Prepared the division, consisting of 35-assets for sale in 12 countries. This work included separating two businesses, a 29% reduction in general and administrative expenses (G&A), full-time equivalents (FTEs) and a 75% reduction in excess mining / manufacturing capacity.
  • Delivered US$100m annual improvements for a global paper manufacturer. Worked across three assets and sales teams in nine countries to deliver the bulk of the run-rate savings in five months. Worked on pricing, go-to-market strategy, sales force effectiveness, debottlenecking, maintenance (planned shuts and unplanned downtime), union negotiations and cost reduction.
  • Reduced costs by more than US$100m at a global financial services provider through sourcing and usage reductions.
  • Reduced costs by US$200m and improved delivery performance by 25% at an integrated metals processor.
  • Delivered a US$100m per year improvement as part of a business turnaround for a major back-office processing company across 20 countries in 15 months. Work included pricing, account management, IT efficiency and effectiveness, procurement, credit card processing, call-centre effectiveness, contractor management and recruiting.
  • Delivered a YS$140m per year business turnaround for a zinc producer, with unit-cost reductions of 20-28% across three smelters. Work included cost reduction, debottlenecking, yield improvement, feed optimisation, maintenance (planned and unplanned), operational efficiency, sustaining capital management and a five-year shut cost and time optimisation.
  • Delivered a 25% increase in throughput and more than AU$100m of validated cost reduction improvements at an underground copper / uranium mine. 


Master’s in Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Master’s of Philosophy (Organisational Behaviour) from Oxford University and Bachelor’s degree in Engineering (Hons) from Auckland University.