Leadership Team

Stephen Dorgan


Achieving large, tangible, and sustainable impact requires a passion for creating real, measurable value in complex business environments. It also takes an ability to lead in a caring and effective way across all levels of an organisation, especially in high-pressure, high-value, or high-risk settings. These are the things that define and inspire Stephen Dorgan.

Previously a Partner at McKinsey & Company, a CEO, and a non-executive Director, Stephen brings over 20 years of consulting, line management and boardroom experience. He works with leading industrial and healthcare businesses to transform corporate performance and productivity in a dramatic, tangible and sustainable way. Stephen has led the creation of over $10bn in value via corporate turnarounds and operational improvement while saving thousands of industrial jobs. He has received over 20 awards and honours for his contributions to Manufacturing, Management, Engineering, and Medicine industries.

It’s not only at work that Stephen seeks to make an impact. For over 30 years, Stephen has worked with a range of charities focused on improving the quality of life for the most vulnerable in society. A long-distance runner and a keen alpine skier, he and his wife are passionate ‘foodies’, with an interest in travelling the world for new food experiences. Next on the menu are the varied delicacies of South America.

Career snapshot

  • Transformed the performance of a European country’s national healthcare system, which spent 10% of GDP annually on citizen healthcare, saving >80,000 years of life, reduced health inequalities, doubled the performance of the entire healthcare system, and generated >$5bn in value for the national economy
  • Identified $100m in cash and $1bn in value for a global hotel chain via operational improvement
  • Delivered $400m in value and $100m in cash by redesigning the product platform for a global ATM manufacturer
  • Saved >£200m in costs by redesigning how healthcare services were delivered and refinancing a hospital rebuild in a large city
  • Identified and delivered £150m in cash within nine months for a global aerospace engine manufacturer
  • Created over £400m in value during the turnaround of a major automotive producer, through the deployment of Lean manufacturing techniques and reducing costs by 45%
  • Turned around a leading producer of high-end ambulance and emergency vehicles within one month, creating >€10m in value while increasing revenue by 50% and EBIT by 33% in under six months
  • Saved a European defence manufacturer from bankruptcy by improving productivity by 600%
  • Redesigned an international airline ground support service’s delivery to improve service quality while reducing costs by 30%
  • Improved service delivery quality while simultaneously saving £250m with a new healthcare delivery system for two million citizens
  • Increased output capacity by 300%, while reducing Capex costs by $20m for a packaged goods business Board member of a market-leading paper coating business based in the UK and Korea, Chair of the Remuneration Committee, and a Member of the Audit Committee
  • Advised several European ministers and/or governments on the structure and performance of their industrial and healthcare sectors


  • PhD in Biomedical Engineering and a BE (first class honours) from University College Dublin, where he was a Presidential, an Irish-American and a Lord Edward Fitzgerald Scholar
  • Masters in Management (ALM) from Harvard University, where he was awarded Harvard’s ‘Katie YF Yang’ prize and graduated first in his class