Leadership Team

Tim Morse


Tim has over 30 years’ experience in consulting and executive leadership. Prior to joining Partners in Performance, Tim led Telstra’s productivity transformation. In this role, he worked closely with the Telstra Executive team and Board to establish productivity goals and initiatives. Before that, Tim worked with the NBN, McKinsey & Co and Citibank.

At McKinsey & Co, Tim led the Service Operations practice and drove strategy and operational engagements for clients in telco, financial services, internet retailing, public service (largest client was the US Internal Revenue Service), healthcare, media and entertainment and mining. During this time, he worked across the US, China, Taiwan, the UK, Japan and Australia.

Although he no longer takes to the pitch himself, Tim is a football fan (Sydney FC is his team of choice), is an avid reader, a keen poker player, and loves travelling the globe.

Career snapshot

  • Led Telstra’s productivity transformation. In two years, it delivered a $1.49bn cost reduction on a fixed cost base of $7.3bn. This saving delivered $755m cost out in Telstra’s P&L over two years (10.3% cost reduction on addressable base).
  • Achieved a top performance rating for FY17 and FY18, together with top quartile people scores.
  • Led roll-out and operations of Hybrid Fibre-Coax high-speed network (35% of NBN network).
  • Implemented lean programme at US bank across call centres, collections and retail branch operations saving over 20% cost base.
  • Implemented operational improvements to improve the throughput of a leading Australian mining company – covering end-to-end supply across mine, rail and port. Covered all equipment productivity improvements (OEE: availability, use of availability and rate) to unlock capacity and reduce costs. Developed operator implementation plans to capture savings for a record output in their first quarter.
  • Enterprise end-to-end telco process redesign: Implemented lean operations for NOCs of North American enterprise telco operator (estimated 10% savings) and also for an Indian B2B provider (estimated 15% savings).
  • Led strategic review of the investment banking division of an Australian bank to save over AUS$60m.
  • Designed a digital strategy for a US financial institution, which increased online migration by 10% within two years of roll-out.
  • Developed the digital and ‘pay-wall’ strategy for a leading Australian media company (uptake is currently higher than global comparables).
  • Reduced customer churn by 13% for leading Canadian telco by establishing a fixed-line, internet and cable TV bundle strategy, including testing pricing strategy via telesale pilots.
  • Designed and implemented the migration of a US airline’s back-office and call centre activities to digital portals with no negative impact on customer satisfaction.
  • Created a digital strategy for a US cable company with over half of the customer base transacting within the first three years of operation.
  • Implemented a new customer contact operating model for a UK credit card company, including new retention, cross-sales, collections processes and growing self-service capabilities.
  • Implemented a call centre performance management programme at a leading internet company through redesigning new metrics/incentives, restructuring coach and agent interaction and revamping scripts.
  • Led over 12 call centre consolidation engagements – savings vary from 5% to 20% cost reduction.
  • Implemented revenue growth programmes for service and telesale units of clients in the US, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Portugal, France, China and Australia, achieving up to 40% revenue increase.
  • Revamped cost and revenue performance of the Philippine, Indian and Canadian operations of an outsourcer serving banks, telcos and high-tech companies – led to retention of largest clients that threatened to leave prior to the programme.
  • Established an outsourcing and off-shoring strategy for a US telco spending over $1bn on outsourced operations.
  • Improved operations of all the following outsourcers: WIPRO (India), Teletech (Australia, Canada, US), Convergys (Philippines, India, US, Canada), IBM (India, US), Teleperformance (US, Canada, Philippines), HP (Australia), Accenture (US), ADP (US, India) and Stream Global Services (US and Philippines) – covering strategy, pricing and both BPO and IT operations.
  • Ran Citibank Australia’s call center operations for two years – covering credit cards, insurance, auto loans, personal loans and mortgages. Reduced costs by 10%, reduced average call handling time by 60 seconds and reduced staff turnover by 90%.


  • Bachelor of Law (LLB), University of Sydney
  • Bachelor of Economics, University of Sydney
  • Masters in Business Administration with Distinction, Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania