Leadership Team

Tom Schnitker


One of the many things that make Partners in Performance different is that we focus on achieving results by rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands dirty. We don’t just talk about it, we get it done. Whether a new starter or veteran leader, we’re all in it for the same reason... To implement impactful results for our clients, which last long after we’re gone, and one of the long-time leaders who believes wholly in our approach is Tom Schnitker.

Tom leads the global Organisation Effectiveness Practice as well as our South East Asia business, where he spends most of his time with energy, oil and gas, telco, property and airline clients. As a seasoned telco professional, he has spent many years in executive line management in Malaysia and Australia with Maxis, DiGi, and Telstra before joining Partners in Performance. Prior to this, Tom also helped establish the South African office of McKinsey & Company. He brings significant experience in transformation, organisational effectiveness, and commercial management. A typical engagement for Tom would be the redesign and implementation of a new operating model for a large organisation.

Tom and his family, his wife and two children, have lived in Kuala Lumpur for over a decade. He travels when time allows and enjoys hiking, cooking and eating great food. He tries to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but admits he often fails in this endeavour!

Career snapshot

  • Oil and gas offshore services provider, Malaysia: led a large team to develop a nine-month transformation plan, identifying in excess of $250m in operational upside. This led to a structured cost-out programme.
  • National broadband provider, Philippines: zero-based process redesign across the company with a focus on the Order-to-Cash core activity, resulting in a step-change operating cost reduction and major improvement in customer service satisfaction levels.
  • National energy provider, Malaysia; conducted a nine-month productivity programme leading to a 200% productivity in project completion.
  • Wholesale telco strategy, Malaysia: devised a business entry strategy for a new player, including the stakeholder management plan to obtain the regulatory approvals.
  • High-rise property and construction productivity, Malaysia: led a large team to introduce a performance management system, realign the organisation, and dramatically reduce the completion time (by more than 700 days) for several multimillion-dollar construction projects.
  • Plywood/decking manufacturer, Indonesia: developed a series of operating improvement initiatives to significantly increase the productivity, quality and working capital management of Indonesia’s largest manufacturer of fabricated wood.
  • Ammonium nitrate supply chain, Indonesia: devised a downstream supply chain debottlenecking plan for a major ammonium nitrate producer in East Kalimantan, Borneo. This plan, when fully implemented, will allow a further 50% of plant production (from 160 ktpa to 310 ktpa) and thereby substantially reduce average cost per tonne.
  • Casino management productivity, Macao: identified improvement initiatives to dramatically increase the productivity and service levels of a major casino, hotel and F&B group.
  • Explosives manufacture organisation redesign, Asia-Pacific: restructured the Asia-Pacific organisation of a global explosives manufacturer, thereby reducing costs by 20%.
  • Airline cost reduction, Australia: led a large team to identify $200m in operating cost savings in three months, including crew rostering, fuel consumption and sales channel rationalisation.
  • Broadband network construction, Australia: led a large team to significantly speed up the end-to-end delivery chain for the roll-out of a fibre optic telecoms network. Resulted in a doubling of productivity and reduced overall delivery time by 30% after six months.
  • Broadband business improvement, Chile: identified more than $200m in customer lifetime value for a major Chilean fixed-line telco, leading to a dramatic increase in market share.
  • Government overheads optimisation, Australia: identified 20% in cost savings by consolidating the overheads of an Australian government department.
  • Telco organisation design, Australia: devised a Lean model, ‘zero-based’ organisation structure for a large national telco, leading to a reduction of forecast FTEs by 30%.
  • Dairy production, New Zealand: developed an economic model across the dairy production value chain to ‘atomise’ the business and generate a programme of improvement initiatives.


MBA from Columbia Business School, New York and Bachelor of Arts (Hons) from Oxford University, UK. He is the author of several Partners in Performance articles on organisation effectiveness and formerly wrote for the McKinsey Quarterly.