Leadership Team

Victoria Stableforth


Victoria likes to belt out a song in the car and shower like the rest of us, the difference is, she can actually hit those notes with Mariah-esque perfection. And while you won’t see her hitting the stage solo anytime soon, adding her vocals to her Sydney choir meet-up is the highlight of her week. She also tells us that one of her favourite ways to clear the lungs and free her mind is to let loose in with a Sydney Flash Mob choir from time to time. She loves what can be produced with a group of different voices come together. Perhaps that’s why she’s chosen a career in HR, where she uses her leadership skills to ensure that the talents of individuals can cohesively come together and work collaboratively towards achieving business goals.

Victoria has in-depth HR leadership experience, delivering on the talent strategy, optimising talent supply chain, developing and coaching our leaders and ensuring our talent meets current and future business needs. She has been instrumental in the management of a diverse range of projects, including the development of geographic talent strategies aligned to business growth areas and organisational learning and design activities, implementation of new organisational structures, recruitment process reengineering and “outsourcing”, integration program improvement and resource optimisation. Victoria knows that performing well professionally means having balance outside of work. For her, this means spending time with her children, transporting them to sporting activities, bushwalking, cycling, baking, and finally learning to play that ukulele that’s been sitting on the shelf.

Career snapshot

  • Restructured the ANZ Recruitment team to provide better value and service to the business, and more innovative attraction and sourcing support with a particular focus on gender diversity and the candidate experience
  • Implemented a cross-ANZ Learning Champion programme to more closely align learning spend to business priorities, and to create visibility of learning synergies across the organisation
  • Drove the development of an HR Business Partner Learning Series to be rolled out to the ANZ HR team
  • Led the implementation of a new organisational structure across Accenture within CMT, including pyramid analysis and implications, talent mapping, communications roll-out and ongoing integration for the smooth transition of ~1500 resources into CMT across APAC
  • Designed and rolled-out a Client Account Leader Excellence Programme for 60 sales and client account leads across Asia Pacific, including competency survey, masterclass and coaching sessions


Victoria graduated with Bachelor of Law from the University of Canterbury in 1992 and Diploma in Professional Legal Practice in 1994. She was admitted as a solicitor to the High Court of Australia in 1994.