Profiled PIPers

Ali Boroumand


Ali is an expert at making sure he’s always learning yet educating others at the same time. As a mentor for the University of New South Wales’ Co-op scholarship programme, Ali leads young people starting out in their careers. He attributes going from someone who was great at solving a highly specific problem with clear boundaries, to learning how to deliver results in an unclear, ever-shifting situation to his priceless time in Partners in Performance.

Ali loves to travel and backpack around the world which makes him a perfect fit. His experience in operational improvement, construction productivity, strategic sourcing and commercial due diligence has led him to places like the USA, UK and Australia, allowing Ali to explore life beyond the UAE. The industries that have called his name thus far include airlines, construction, financial services, FMCG, integrated resorts, manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, private equity, technology and TMT.

Ali is on point. He has a great ability to ‘tell it like it is’, and we couldn’t agree more with him:

“ Partners in Performance has a small company culture, yet it is a top-tier consultancy. It is growing fast and I feel that I can really make a difference. It has a leadership team full of experts who truly care about your individual growth. The people are great, down-to-earth, humble and ambitious.”

Career snapshot

  • Mining - implemented a bottom-up PMO across six sites and head office for a $500m transformation: Implemented a ‘wired-in’ and highly visual delivery process through six ‘Situation Rooms’ and delivery cadence onsite. Coached 20 engineers, typically local talent, in disciplined delivery methodology. Developed a clearly articulated bottom-up forecast of actual delivery, which showed a 36% gap in net cash position, and developed a plan to close the gap.
  • Airline – identified 8% in procurement savings across two categories with nearly $1bn in spend: Challenged the ‘perceived’ monopolist incumbent on price by disaggregating the offering and the 'real’ usage requirements.
  • Oil and gas – implemented a $600m cost reduction programme: Through a 10-month transformational programme, developed a Continuous Improvement (CI) structure aimed at driving a prioritised set of initiatives across three mega-fields and head-office operations. Coached and trained over 45 idea-owners, 30 KPI-owners, 14 implementation-facilitators and three core improvement team members. Initiatives included optimising down-hole pressure, which increased production by 7%, valued at $140m.
  • Manufacturing – delivered 9% procurement savings in five months across a global footprint: Sourced 700 materials across 30 decentralised business units in 24 countries. Developed four RFPs, which were sent to 3.5k global chemical producers. Managed a team speaking seven different languages including Chinese, Russian and Spanish. Effectively worked the regional regulatory framework (e.g. EU Reach), and navigated cultural sensitivities in data collection and negotiations. Following the sourcing initiative, implemented a rapid material qualifications process.
  • FMCG – evaluated potential purchase of a wine producer for a global private equity firm: Recommended possible exit strategies of investment including sale of major assets. Identified areas where significant cost could be taken out of the business. Identified volume strategies for commercial wines, and price strategies for premium wines.
  • Construction – improved development rate of automations software by 37%, which was on a critical path for a $25bn gas field project: Established accountabilities and structured review processes. Developed clear rate and readiness tracking. Identified gaps in resourcing and structure. Identified, problem-solved and eliminated issues daily, and coached team for sustainability.
  • Manufacturing – implemented $25m EBIT improvement programme on one-site as part of a multi-site $100m transformation: Implemented a CI strategy aimed at driving performance through visual input and output KPIs and a cascaded set of accountabilities. Initiatives included reducing operational labour cost, managing seasonal peaks, reducing milk solid losses, and implementing a rigorous spare parts spend process.
  • Technology – implemented a bottom-up driven review structure for a $8bn mine’s software development: Set up a rigorous bottom-up driven cascade of reviews from developers to Project Director in three weeks. This structure quantified progress and clarified accountabilities across four work packages developed by two major contractors in three different Australian states.
  • Wealth management, cost reduction – paper-based system to online: Delivered business requirements in a 40% cost reduction programme by consolidating to a single technology investment platform.
  • Investment bank – enabled growth via technology implementation: Delivered an asset management solution in an expansion opportunity to maintain and enhance the bank’s third-largest contract (€75bn in assets) globally, by implementing an operating model and technology platform.
  • Retail bank – post-merger technology integration: Delivered service integration strategy for the bank and its providers in a post-merger technology integration programme of a $17bn merger, and renewal of a $2.3bn technology outsourcing contract.


  • Bachelor of Commerce (Distinction) from the University of New South Wales
  • Study period at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania (top 5%)