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Alison Morin


Alison has six years’ experience in strategic sourcing, operational improvement and project management roles. Prior to joining Partners in Performance, Alison was an internal consultant at a large retailer in Canada. She has worked in the government, retail, non-profit and FMCG industries, with experience in Canada, Australia and the Middle East.

Now living in Australia, Alison is taking the opportunity to explore the country, while also seeking out her favourite type of activities - extreme ones! Wherever she finds herself in the world, she lives life on the edge, going skydiving, bungee jumping and white water kayaking. When her feet are safely on the ground, she plays volleyball with a local team, listens to music, or plans her next adventure.

Career snapshot

  • Process transformation, international Government: Undertook and completed a full process transformation for a mid-sized government organisation focused on delivering more than 150 initiatives worth approximately US$6bn with over 30 government entities
  • Organisational wiring, public sector: Developed an organisational management system for an adhoc heavy organisation; focused on driving priorities from the top of the organisation and cascading throughout the organisation to drive results
  • PMO, Australian conglomerate: Project managed the demerge of two entities within a conglomerate with over 50 key day-to-day senior stakeholders
  • Pricing model: Optimised payments model which provided a fair and reasonable return on expenditure (ROEx) for more than 2,700 franchisees
  • Strategy, state police: Developed a detailed operating model design for a Police organisation of approximately 15,000 employees, including detailed demand and supply forecasts, re-design of organisational structure and physical footprint, process improvements initiative, and re-wiring the organisation to deliver better outcomes to the community, victims and offenders
  • Business improvement, Government: Developed pipeline of ~$200m in initiatives to increase resources and efficiencies while decreasing cost and considering reform required; focus was to ensure ability to meet future public housing demand
  • Overhead cost reduction, Dairy and Juice FMCG Company: Carried out an organisation-wide headcount analysis to find $28m of headcount savings
  • Led detailed work on optimising supply chain and strategy functions, identifying $6m of opportunities
  • Capital expenditure, utility (water) company: Undertook a comprehensive review of end-to-end capital project spend and process (on approximately $13bn in assets), determining opportunities and outlining an implementable plan for optimisation
  • Procurement, dairy product nanufacturer: Decreased warehousing and associated logistics spend by 11% per annum through strategic sourcing initiative
  • Strategy, meat manufacturer: Developed a $20MM global expansion strategy for Canada’s largest poultry producer. Identified four key target markets and created an action plan for entry into each market.
  • Business improvement, retailer: Increased employee productivity by 30% by developing and implementing core IT capability (Master Data Management) for over 5000 internal and external stakeholders
  • Digital customer experience and strategy, retailer: Led diagnostic and pilot programme in the development of a nationwide omnichannel business ($15b CAD business, historically all bricks and mortar)
  • Supply chain, Canadian conglomerate: Increased throughput of products from distribution centre to store by 6% by identifying bottleneck constraints and developing / implementing new process with key vendor partners
  • Category management, retailer: Grew $175m business’s profit margin by 5% by optimising the customer purchase journey including a revitalised pricing strategy, enhanced customer experience (in store and post purchase) and heightened customer insights to provide superior products that the customer desired
  • Transportation strategy, Government: Developed stakeholder management and marketing strategy, $50bn transportation plan, gaining consumer buy-in to assist in funding the project


Alison’s qualifications include an MBA from the Richard Ivey Business School at the University of Western Ontario (Dean’s List), and a Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) from Wilfrid Laurier University