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Anton Kriger


Anton has over 15 years’ experience in operational efficiency improvements across various industries including mining and processing, manufacturing, aerospace, and defence. He delivered more than 20 full-scale implementation engagements helping Clients increase throughput, reduce costs, optimise capital investments, embed digital technologies, and launch continuous improvement functions. Anton has led multicultural teams in more than 10 countries across CIS, Europe, Africa, and Middle East.

Career snapshot

  • Underground hard rock mining (Russia), project Director: Redesign of planning processes, creation of a centralised operational center, development and implementation of a short-term planning digital system at 6 mines. At the largest mine, the system helped increase throughput by 12% and spatial plan compliance by 28%.
  • Coal mining and processing (Russia), project Director: Design and rollout of “business system” function at the mine and 2 processing plants. 8% throughput increase on top of the mine’s budget as a result of doubling of development rate at critical faces, +16% to longwall mining volumes, speed up of longwall move by 12 days, 23% of LTIFR improvement. At the plants, ash content in tailings was increased by 3-14% along with 2% of yield improvement, speed up of capital construction project by 3 months.
  • Construction of hydrometallurgy plant (UAE): Construction fast tracking through implementation of Lean 6Sigma techniques. Development and implementation of hourly task-management system for main staff during commissioning phase.
  • Gold mining company (East Africa), engagement manager: $48m of annualised value delivered within 6 months due to operational excellence programme design and roll out. Unit cost of Oz sold reduced by 12% in mining, 16% in processing, 25% in general and admin departments. Business improvement function was designed and launched from scratch.
  • Mineral fertilisers producer (Russia), engagement manager: $52m of value (annualised) delivered within 7 months of the engagement. 15% output increase due to feed run rate stabilisation along with 13-33% reduction of capital shuts’ duration and reduction of unplanned downtimes by 40%. Continuous improvement function was designed and launched from scratch.
  • Iron ore mining company (Ukraine): Part of an engagement team to increase productivity of locomotives at the railroad by 12%, leading both operational and maintenance work streams which delivered $1.6m of value.
  • Oil pumping equipment producer (Russia): Developed and supported implementation of forecasting and production planning methodology; in two years average lead time was reduced from 4 to 3 weeks, production throughput increased by 30% supporting $8.7m rescue of work in progress inventories.
  • Core engineering division of avionic equipment producer (Russia): Led lean/six sigma pilot project. Production throughput was increased by 17% without additional capital investments.


Anton’s qualifications include a PhD in economics, a management Master’s degree and economics Bachelor’s degree from Lomonosov Moscow State University. He is also certified in production and inventory management (CPIM) and supply chain management (SCM) through APICS Association for Operations Management, in project management (PMP) through Project Management Institute, completed Leading Continuous Improvement program in INSEAD.