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Araceli Fernandez


Araceli has over eight years’ experience in process improvement, project management, and engineering. She has helped companies increase productivity and reduce costs in the energy, construction, telecommunications, food manufacturing, airline, and logistics industries. She has worked in the US, AUS, UK, and Scandinavia. Prior to joining Partners in Performance, Araceli worked at a global US engineering, procurement, and construction management corporation as a project engineer and a start-up energy consulting company focused on offshore platforms decommissioning.

Career snapshot

  • Building, construction productivity: Increased electrical services installation rate by 32% and reduced dependencies blocking progress by 80% in four weeks. Implemented daily reviews with supervisors and created a commissioning programme.
  • Airline, salesforce effectiveness: Defined CRM and performance review processes for managing sales pipeline and rolled out across 3 teams in 6 weeks resulting in improved CRM data quality and transparency and alignment across the business
  • Power plant, business improvement: Developed a forced outage process and accountabilities matrix for safety, asset management, planned and forced maintenance. Created solutions for 9 challenges in the business affecting safety, cost, and/or availability.
  • Retail, commercial due diligence: Sized the market for a private equity firm and identified $40m+ annually in potential operations upside for a private equity resulting in acquisition
  • Legal, cost reduction: Identified over 30 ideas to improve efficiency and costs valued at $3m+ in savings for the legal department of a transportation and logistics company
  • Airline, wiring, and commercial sourcing: Coached and implemented PIPware system for 40+ procurement stakeholders to improve visibility and transparency of sourcing initiatives. Identified, negotiated, and selected security suppliers resulting in $4m savings.
  • Telecommunications, benchmarking: Conducted a marketing research study and gained insights into the US fiber-optic space allowing the client to gain future competitive advantage
  • Food manufacturer, business improvement: Implemented a rapid behaviour change in 4 weeks at a dairy plant and improved trailer case removal downtime by over 75%
  • Food manufacturer, business improvement: Developed a value driver tree for a sugar plant with multiple co-products and identified £5-£12M opportunity savings through reductions in delivery allowances, contractor spend, maintenance, and electricity delivery improvement.
  • Smelters, sustaining capital: Developed a process and tool for prioritising capital spend. The implementation created Capex transparency across the firm and delivered $20M Capex reduction and $200M NPV improvement.
  • Transportation, labour optimisation: Developed tools for billing department to better match the incidents occurring. The new processes and tools yielded over $5.7M annual EBIT improvement opportunities.


Araceli’s qualifications include an MBA from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan and a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin.  Araceli’s interests include soccer, sand volleyball, board games, and testing home improvement ideas. Araceli is fluent in both English and Spanish.