Meet our people

Artem Bessarab


Artem is no stranger to action. In fact, he spends his time boxing when home in Moscow, Russia, impressed by how much mental skill you need for the sport. It makes sense that he and boxing have clicked; Artem exhibits a similar mental focus when working with his Partners in Performance clients all around the world.

Artem has spent time working across Asia, Africa, CIS and Australia. Before joining the team, he found a niche in operational improvement and line management while spending two years as a Line Manager and Lean Manufacturing Manager at the Coca-Cola Hellenic Company, and three years as Line Manager and Project Manager at P&G. Artem loves being part of the team, where he has the opportunity to continuously see new places while still being able to spend time at home.

Artem has a strong passion for sport and education, so it’s no surprise that he lists his top interests as reading, soccer, tennis, cycling and boxing. You won’t find a bigger Barcelona football fan, and Artem admits he can have sleepless nights watching the Barcelona games. He also tells us there is no place in the world like Oxford - you can find him there after an English breakfast and a good beer.

Career snapshot

  • International gold producer (Canada): Delivered over $20m by pulling forward underground production by two months, delivering five times more than the original projection through a combination of construction productivity, Business Improvement and Wiring.
  • Global fertiliser producer (CIS): Developed and implemented a maintenance strategy for a mobile fleet with improved availability of priority equipment, delivering over $2m savings on maintenance cost and increased production tonnage.
  • Global construction company (Asia): Delivered over $12m savings by reducing the critical path of a construction project by more than six months from original schedule. Also developed a system to sustain results for excavation and levels construction.
  • Aluminium and bauxite: Annual planning process for a project portfolio management implementation and Wiring (90-day plans, 'Results-Actions-Reviews' and workshops), to manage and sustain capital team for high performance.
  • Coal seam gas: Prioritisation tool delivered for well exploration, based on communication towers availability and opportunity cost of reconnection as part of the planning process.
  • Underground coal mining: Developed a roadmap for existing and potential resources exploration (method, key targets for productivity, capital and cost). 'Value-Driver' analysis and levers applied. Designed and made operational parameters definition for the future mine.
  • Iron-ore mining and concentrating unit (part of steel plant, subsidiary of international industry leader): More than $20m achieved by the end of the engagement without any investments. This was a result of methodology implementation, with a focus on 'Continuous Improvement' tools/process implementation and production and maintenance staff coaching at all levels.
  • Chemicals (P&G line manager): Increased overall packing line efficiency with twofold changeover time reduction. Delivered a $1m p.a. cost saving by eliminating a bottleneck, and identifying key drivers for lost efficiency of the fillers and case packers.
  • Chemicals (P&G): Delivered $0.55/litre cost saving project by implementing new technology with implementation of value stream-mapping and standards for maintenance and quality.
  • Chemicals (P&G): Reduced equipment downtime for six packing lines by 20% by the standardisation of maintenance activities. Increased line team technical capabilities and periodically checklisted implementation for critical equipment.
  • Beverages (Coca-Cola Hellenic): Implemented and sustained a plant production system based on Lean manufacturing, with a yearly cost saving of $2m by benchmarking and implementing best practice for changeovers, performance management, and maintenance and training for CIS and Western Europe plants.


  • Master’s of Mechanical Engineering from the DSAU (Ukraine)
  • Diploma in Business Administration (JCUB, Australia)
  • Diploma in Financial Strategy (Oxford University)
  • Lean Manufacturing certification
  • Six Sigma certification
  • Project Management ISO 9001, ISO 22000, PAS 220, OHSAS 18001 and FSSS 22000 certificates