Meet our people

Arthur Lim


Arthur Lim has prior experience as an intern with the Boston Consulting group, working on a procurement cost-savings initiative with a large nuclear power provider and a pricing and revenue management engagement for a marketing firm. He also has a background in engineering and software development.

Career snapshot

  • Building products manufacturing, commercial sourcing: Identified $3.7m (11%) in savings opportunity across five categories and delivered further $2m (7%) savings in five other categories by building RFQs, going to market, managing vendor negotiations, and engaging technical teams.
  • Metals, business improvement: Identified $12m EBITDA improvement opportunity at a gold mine. Conducted time studies and performed analysis on bottlenecks, stockpile levels, and operator time usage.
  • Non-metals, ranging: Performed ranging analysis for a greenfield potash mining project to determine expected throughput, production bottlenecks, and operating expenses. Used data from SME interviews and built a Monte Carlo model to perform the analysis.


Arthur’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering (highest honours) from the Georgia Institute of Technology.