Meet our people

Carlos Ghirimoldi


Carlos works hard to coach his clients, so that when he leaves they are successful on their own and able to achieve visible results. He has that same attitude at home with his three sons. Whenever he has the chance, Carlos takes them climbing, horseback riding, sailing, and to play soccer or rugby. They’re always up for a new adventure and one day, Carlos would love to take his family to ski in the Alps.

Carlos is proud of his achievements at Partners in Performance since becoming a part of the team in 2012, especially those that involve reducing costs and improving productivity for his clients. He’s worked throughout his own region of Latin America and has made his way to Australia and Africa as well. Working on mining, oil and gas, automotive, pharmaceuticals and consumer products are where Carlos really excels.

The regional teams get to spend a lot of quality time together learning and having fun, especially at ‘Unleashing Potential’ (UP Days) twice a year, so it is natural that Carlos would brag about his work family:

I’m part of the Latin American team – an incredible group of top-performing people. I learn from them and our clients on a daily basis, not just professionally, but also personally. We’re all from such a diverse array of cultures and backgrounds and really support one another, and everyone has something unique and special to bring to the table. As part of the dynamic team, I’ve worked across multiple countries with a diverse range of clients and cultures. I love that you can see the fruits of your labour in the field, practically – not theoretically.

Career snapshot

  • Delivered a US$9m saving in contractor spend for a copper mine in Central Chile. Work included contractor management implementation for plant contractsn and the analysis of nine major customer maintenance contracts.
  • Identified a US$14m improvement opportunity for a gold mine in Chile. Major areas included improved equipment utilisation, reduced idle time, and enhanced contract management.
  • Identified an opportunity to reduce contractor idle time by 30% as part of a diagnostic for a copper mine in Chile. Other benefits included improvements to planning, organisation and service delivery.
  • Identified a US$28m revenue uplift for a Chilean copper mine through a selection of cost-reduction and productivity improvements.
  • Performed 'Root Cause Analysis' on part stock-outs for an automotive manufacturer and achieved the required production levels. This was supplemented by improving wiring, maintenance in the bottleneck production stations and the operation’s training procedures.
  • Reduced losses by US$5m for an oil transportation network, from the oil wells to the port.
  • Reduced transportation costs by US$1m for a sweetener production plant by reengineering inbound and outbound plant processes.


  • Supply Chain Management post-grad at the IEEC University
  • Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from UCA (Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina)