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Christine Janse van Rensburg


Christine’s interests are all over the map. She can be discovered leading her Partners in Performance friends to a group fitness class during regional ‘Summer Camp’, gardening at her home in Johannesburg, South Africa or enjoying the arts and some wine during a trip to Barcelona, Spain. And, Christine’s map seems to be growing as she works with clients in amazing places such as Mozambique, Tanzania and Lesotho.

Since 2014, Christine’s contributions, both internally and externally are vast. She is a Mechanical Engineer and serves as a specialist in the coal mining industry. Prior to joining, Christine was a Sectional Engineer responsible for the coal beneficiation plant and surface services at Anglo American Thermal Coal. She can’t put enough emphasis on unleashing potential in herself and her clients which is why she’s eager to drive change and add value every step of the way when working on projects.

Christine’s main focus is to change the outcome. She’s found her match, a good one at that, with both her buddies and her partners:

While in an operational role I heard of Consultants working in exciting places, doing really cool things and I wanted to be one of them. I was very interested in management consulting, but at the same time also scared that I would end up in an environment where there is a lot of talk and recommendations, but no real results or value. Partners in Performance caught my attention because of their strong focus on implementation, execution and the drive to really add value. It is a place where you’ll have lots of fun with like-minded, interesting and smart people while being stretched to grow at a rapid pace. You ‘get down and dirty’ and see the value-add, helping people with implementation and empowering them to do it again.

Even though she’s already been skydiving and skiing in the Alps, Christine has some pretty big future travel goals in mind. After finishing a client engagement, we could find her traveling to Israel, Iceland or Scandinavia for the first time. It’s a real possibility for her since allows for a flexible work schedule so people can live their lives to the fullest.

Career snapshot

  • Achieved 33-55% improvement in daily production rates across three shafts by increasing mining efficiencies and labour productivity. Prioritised and implemented improvement initiatives to increase face time, improve cycle time for face drilling, and increase tonnes per blast. Drove an accountability culture within the organisation by using methodologies and provided training and coaching to front-line and management personnel.
  • Identified R17–31m savings to support an iron-ore mining client in negotiations with an OEM supplier.
  • Closed the maintenance execution gap for an Anglo-Australian multinational mining company to improve operational performance. On-the-job front-line supervisor coaching and implementation of maintenance strategies with a focus on improving active supervision. Improved time-accounting accuracy, which resulted in reliable operational data, and a focus on the correct high-value areas for business improvement.
  • Implemented improvement initiatives at a Brazilian metals and mining corporation to meet production ramp-up targets in response to the completion of newly constructed rail infrastructure.
  • Mining diagnostics: Completed three diagnostics across the mining and construction industry.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at the North West University
  • Government Certificate of Competency in Mines and Works