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Emilio De Pedro


Emilio has over 11 years’ experience in port operations, transportation and logistics, including three years as a COO – Port Systems and Chief Logistics Officer at IMPSA. He has worked across many industries, including shipping and ports, wind energy, chemicals, and investment banking. Prior to joining Partners in Performance, Emilio spent three years in Wind Energy Business Development at IMPSA Energy, three years as a COO – Port Systems and Chief Logistics Officer at IMPSA, and five years as a CFO at Rhodia’s Southern Cone operations. He has also spent eight years as a professor of Corp Strat and Business Planning at the MBA - Graduate School of Business of the Universidad de Palermo (Argentina). He has worked in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, USA, New Caledonia and Spain.

Career snapshot

  • Construction productivity, nickel mine: Implementation of a Continuous Improvement system at each of the four mining sites of the client, from General Manager to shift change level. Extensive coaching and training in the field. Implementation and management of an Idea Pipeline worth ~US$13m.
  • Construction productivity: Coached the client´s main contractor in Readiness, Rate, and Critical Path Reduction. The contractor reduced its expected delay by 66% (from 9 months to 3 months). Greatly improved the Safety procedures of both contractor and client.
  • Continuous improvement, gold mine: 10% increase in tunnel development rate. Main actions included revamping of contractor’s planning structure, MOS optimisation, and idea pipeline management.
  • Construction productivity, hydro: Diagnostic and implementation of Construction Productivity processes at a run-of-river hydro-electrical station. Optimisation of the engineering, purchasing, permits, and construction processes. War Rooms implementation and improvement of operational processes in the field.
  • Continuous improvement, tin mine: Diagnostic and baselining in the Mine area prior to the start-up of a Continuous Improvement process at a tin mine in the Amazonian rainforest.
  • Continuous improvement, gold and silver mine: Diagnostic, implementation of a Value Driver Tree for the whole operation and implementation of ideas worth ~USD 250 MM at mine, haulage, and plant.
  • Contractors optimisation, copper mine: Implemented U$S 42 MM worth of ideas generated during the previous diagnostic. Trained the client´s team in Continuous Improvement and in Rapid Sourcing.
  • Rapid optimisation capital expenditures, gold mine: Increased the NPV of a gold mine expansion project by 165% (U$S 26mm).
  • Rapid optimisation capital expenditures, pulp and paper: US$1.2bn (~56% increase) in NPV, in a greenfield investment project of a new cellulose plant in Southern Brazil.
  • Diagnostic, copper mine: Diagnosed the main causes of contractors´ idleness of one of the largest open-pit copper mines in the world, in both Mine and Plant areas. Discovered an opportunity of 30% idleness reduction in the field.
  • Rapid optimisation capital expenditures, potassium mine: US$ 1.2B (~120% increase) in NPV, including an initial Capex reduction worth U$S 400 MM, in the largest potassium mine investment in Brazil. The optimal level of production was redefined and increased by ~25%.
  • Continuous improvement, copper mine: Ideas implementation worth ~ US$ 700 MM in process improvement, in Plan, Mine and Contractors´ Administration. Productivity increased 26% while identifying an opportunity of 5% reduction of the operational costs.
  • Business development, wind farms: Developed 60mw of new projects in Ceará, BR from zero by rescuing left-for-good projects through negotiations with the stakeholders. Revamped and wired the whole Business Development area of the stakeholder.


Emilio’s qualifications include an MBA from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan (USA) and an Attorney-at-Law (Hons) from the School of Law and Social Sciences of the Universidad de Belgrano (Argentina). Emilio´s interests include rugby union (playing and coaching little-league rugby), teaching, and outdoors.