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Guy Leven-Marcon


Guy is experienced in operational improvement and line management, in chemicals, minerals processing, and mining. He has worked in South Africa, Australia, South America, the USA and CIS, with 20 years’ operations management experience and 14 years’ consulting experience. He joined in 2005. Married with two daughters, he plays golf and tennis and has run the Comrades Marathon.

Career snapshot

  • Construction productivity: Led engagements to improve construction productivity and completions in engineering, mining, rail and civil projects. Stopped delays and created on-time delivery of engineering and construction of a $1.5bn project.
  • Fibre-optic network construction: Increased productivity of contractor crews
  • Open-cut coal mine: Identified and implemented cost reduction ideas worth $117m (22% of total) in nine months. Increased coal recovery, reduced contractor usage ($8m), oversaw supplier price negotiations ($8m), and standardised 'procure-to-pay' process.
  • Open-cut coal mines: Led and supported diagnostics and performance improvement in five open-cut coal mines in Queensland, and achieved an 18% increase in explosives loading in three months.
  • Coal load-out: Reduced train load-out time by 40% and increased rail wagon utilisation.
  • Power utility: Prioritised projects to optimise capital for national capacity build programme.
  • Nickel mine and plant: Increased revenue by $45m p.a. and improved production by 37% by increasing utilisation rates and recovery, and introducing daily mine planning-to-execution reviews.
  • Steel mill: Improved mill performance by implementing management performance reviews and SIC in operations and maintenance, and reducing changeover duration.
  • Minerals processing plant: Led processing and smelter teams to generate annual benefits of $78.2m in revenue and $5m in costs.
  • Iron-ore processing plant: Increased production by 10% and improved adherence to plan.
  • Iron-ore mine: Increased production by 10% by increasing truckload factor from 83% to 91%, coaching operators, and introducing shift performance reviews. Increased 'conformance to plan' from 66% to 85%, using daily and weekly mine planning reviews.
  • Mine industrial services: Reduced costs of building services by 45% in three months by implementing a process to supervise execution of work orders.
  • Courier company turnaround: Increased EBIT from –R56m to +R8m by identifying loss-making products, improving main line and local operations, and implementing reviews.
  • Diamond mine (Africa): Installed Balanced Score Card (BSC) and BMP at all levels.
  • Calcium hypochlorite plant (South Africa): Improved production, raw material efficiencies, and HSE performance to turnaround an unreliable, unsafe plant in a volatile Industrial Relations environment. Implemented scheduled maintenance and variable pay, and obtained ISO9002 & ISO25.
  • Coal-based ammonia plant (South Africa): Increased production by 18% and improved efficiencies and HSEC performance by implementing projects, scheduled maintenance programmes, incentive schemes, and quicker shutdowns and start-ups.


  • BSc (Chem Eng) (University of the Witwatersrand)
  • MBA (Henley Management College)
  • Presented papers on Implementing the BSC, and Improving Performance with Gainsharing