Meet our people

Hannah Shen


Hannah has one year of experience in cost reduction and business improvement. She has worked across various industries including oil and gas, public sector, health and fitness, and heavy industry. Prior to Partners in Performance, she spent one year as a Procurement Associate at GlaxoSmithKline.

Career snapshot

  • Oil and gas, procurement diagnostic and implementation: Led multiple workstreams to identify $100m in-year savings, and worked closely with senior client stakeholders to deliver $9m of savings in two weeks
  • Oil and gas, rapid sourcing: Delivered ~$4m in annualised savings through negotiations with ~220 suppliers to reduce current rates
  • Government social services department, programme management office: Built a client-specific model that automated the generation of weekly reporting outputs and developed weekly report packs for senior clients
  • Health and fitness, procurement diagnostic: Identified $8m of potential savings in procurement through the recategorisation of spend, analysis of current procurement practices and development of high-level sourcing strategies for key categories
  • Government defence department, business improvement: Developed a client-specific case study and week-long Business Improvement training course, and delivered the training over the course of the week to ~20 clients who gave very positive feedback
  • Government social services department, business transformation: Built a client-specific Excel prioritisation model for ~100 projects valued at ~$1bn, and delivered a 1-hour training course on meeting effectiveness to ~10 clients that was very well received
  • Global steel manufacturing, pricing and salesforce improvement: Supported the delivery of $3m in cumulative benefits by managing the ideas pipeline in PIPware and producing an Excel Sales Funnel dashboard that tracks performance
  • Global pharmaceutical (consumer healthcare), procurement: Delivered $0.6m savings in 12 months by improving packaging designs, changing purchasing patterns and optimising the vendor base


Hannah has a Bachelor of Commerce/Arts (Finance, Asian Studies) from the University of New South Wales.