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Hassan Morsy


Hassan has 10 years of diverse international experience in operational improvement, cost reduction, rapid and strategic sourcing, maintenance management systems, and mechanical engineering/research and development. He has experience in procurement management, supply chain management and establishing start-ups. His expertise lies in multiple industrial sectors: mining, discrete manufacturing, solar, and HVAC. He has delivered more than $120m in real benefits, and measures success by real results and solid client trust. He has also worked with and coached teams on multiple ERP systems, including strong SAP experience.

Career snapshot

  • Global mining company: Achieved $17m-plus in savings from rapid and strategic sourcing activities across five mines within 10 weeks.
  • Junior miner – rapid turnaround: 23% improvement in bottom-line ore tonnes production with zero Capex in less than four weeks, and then 44% improvement in three months ($9m annualised EBIT improvements). Coached all organisational levels and rolled out an efficient and practical 'Management Operating System' (MOS).
  • Explosives – discrete manufacturing client: Set up key site-wide management systems, integrated with their recent 'Lean' roll out. Built a front-line operating system, delivering record-breaking production volumes. Helped the business achieve first-round headcount reduction (~$5m annualised savings) and create a plan to deliver $7m in savings in the financial year.
  • Open-pit coal mine: Identified $52m in annualised EBIT increase through a four-month engagement that involved setting improved operational practices and novel KPIs to debottleneck the raw coal transfer system to the preparation plant. Rolled out a monthly target-setting process in the operations and maintenance departments, and integrated it successfully with engineering mine planning.
  • Coal preparation plant: Achieved a record-setting 8% increase in feed rate and 10% increase in recovery above baseline with zero Capex. Coached and mentored the client operations excellence department to lead more than 15 improvement ideas throughout the plant with a total realised EBIT increase of $30m.
  • Integrated nickel operation, supply chain: Helped roll out a business process improvement initiative in the supply chain department across four different sites. Developed and implemented optimal warehousing procedures and designed the KPIs to maintain success. Responsibilities included coaching key stakeholders to optimal use of the SAP MM Module. Resulted in a 70%-plus decrease in receiving and order backlogs and a 15%-plus increase in inventory accuracy.
  • Nickel smelter, operational improvement: Established an efficient MOS with optimal cascading leading and lagging KPIs. Coached multiple teams to lead five improvement initiatives that led to a sustainable $14m EBIT increase, and record-setting annual production in the smelter.
  • Nickel smelter, maintenance: Led the analysis efforts to convert extensive raw data from multiple software suites into the optimal list of KPIs to manage the Maintenance department. Responsibilities included restructuring and coaching the planning department for a significantly more efficient use of SAP PM Module, resulting in a $3m EBIT increase.
  • Solar startup: Led a joint industry/academia team in turning a leading-edge solar patent into a viable product. Conducted a complete market analysis, commercialisation plan, and market penetration strategy for the $4.1m initiative.


  • Master’s in Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering from McMaster University, Canada
  • Master’s in Entrepreneurship and Business from McMaster University, Canada
  • Awarded the 2009 'Dean’s Excellence Award in Communicating Graduate Research,' the 2008 'Best Graduate Research Presentation,' and the 2007 'John H.T Wade' award for best entering master’s student; all from McMaster University
  • One of two winners of the 2009 'Technology Innovation Competition' from Waterloo University