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Hassan Morsy


Hassan has lived in three different continents in the last 15 years, and currently calls Dubai, UAE home. He has hands on execution experience, leading more than a dozen successful $500m+ asset turn-arounds, and numerous CDDs/Diagnostics/Capital project assessments. Consultant to many Global 500 companies and government entities, advised C-level executives on business strategy, rapid operational improvement, cost reduction, and leading edge procurement/supply chain enhancements. Hassan has been with Partners in Performance for more than 10 years, but before that Hassan had a diverse business and technical working experience including: business lead in a renewable energy startup, and a simulation researcher for earthquake engineering.

His sleeves are usually rolled up whether he’s helping out a client, or under his car doing the last bit of tuning before hitting the track. While there’s still quite some dispute whether he’s as good a driver as he claims, there’s no doubt that he is a real petrol head.

Career snapshot

  • Middle East Government Transformation Strategy and PMO: Setup the strategic procedures to prioritise initiatives, and implemented a complete PMO system including more than 140 initiatives worth more than US$20bn, with implementation readiness procedures and dashboards. Setup and hired more than 30 people with right set of competencies to carry out tasks internally
  • Government Strategy Project: Implemented successfully a comprehensive governance framework to preserve/develop/promote cultural heritage assets in one of the biggest Middle Eastern tourism economies. This included the formation, preparation, and management of a sovereign committee formed of the heads of seven different governmental entities
  • Major Tourism Government Entity: Completed an 'operations' diagnostic of a famous landmark asset, with approximately US$10m savings over three years of improvement, presented and syndicated to the highest levels in government
  • Global metals company PMO: Setup central PMO and did on-asset implementation of top priority projects, achieving more than $100m EBITDA increase in 1.5 years
  • Digital Innovation Strategy for Fortune 500 Company: Setup the digital innovation strategy, and implemented Proof of Concept of three digital innovations in one asset, increasing productivity by 10% in less than six months
  • Biggest Metals Conglomerate in the Middle East: Implemented a Commissioning support management system and decision-making platform to ensure on-time asset start-up, and a front-line management system to deliver on-time ramp up targets
  • Global Fortune 500 Company: Lead turn around of their biggest capital project valued at $7bn. Instituted construction productivity framework to get back on schedule and beat forecasted budget by more than $20m within three months
  • Integrated Industrial Operation, Supply Chain: Analysed and led improvement in the supply chain processes across four assets with more than $1 Billion in Opex spend. Developed, rolled out optimal warehousing procedures, and designed the KPIs to maintain success. Resulted in more than 70% of decrease in receiving and order backlogs, over 15% increase in Inventory accuracy, and elimination of delays due to critical parts


  • Master’s in Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering from McMaster University, Canada
  • Master’s in Entrepreneurship and Business from McMaster University, Canada
  • Awarded the 2009 'Dean’s Excellence Award in Communicating Graduate Research,' the 2008 'Best Graduate Research Presentation,' and the 2007 'John H.T Wade' award for best entering master’s student; all from McMaster University
  • One of two winners of the 2009 'Technology Innovation Competition' from Waterloo University