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Helen Lawson-Williams


Helen has over 15 years’ experience in strategy, operational improvement, commercial due diligence, and line management, including seven years as a consultant at Bain and Company. She has worked across many industries, including telecommunications, FMCG, retail, and hospitality. Before joining Partners in Performance, Helen spent four years in strategy and operations roles at Telstra, and four years as a retail line manager. She has worked in Australia and the US.

Career snapshot

  • Led a large cross-functional team to identify and address a forecast gap of $20-40m to a telco’s call centre budget, by redesigning and embedding call volumes planning tools and processes, and aligning across workforce, operations, and financial planning under foreseeable product and capability launch scenarios
  • Led redesign of a telco’s mass-market sales and service back-office to reduce costs by 30%, via streamlined accountabilities, reduced duplication and hand-offs, and better alignment with upstream and downstream processes
  • Improved efficiency in a telco’s customer insights and analytics team, supporting a ~1.5-2x increase in demand while holding resourcing steady, by developing automation and self-service capabilities for repeatable, high-volume requests and shifting to an agile approach for high-value, bespoke projects
  • Identified ~$600m in incremental revenue opportunities for a telco, by addressing the needs of customers not traditionally addressed by the company
  • Delivered 10-30% in frontline productivity improvements while improving customer experience for a hospitality and leisure company, by improving utilisation and eliminating waste
  • Led performance benchmarking and improvement opportunity diagnostic for two open-cut coal mining sites, sizing and agreeing with line managers key initiatives to address cost driver variance
  • Led commercial due diligence on a Western Australia-based charter airline specialising in fly-in-fly-out employment market, highlighting key market and operational risks to address in negotiations
  • Delivered a ~20% back-office cost reduction at a traditional media company, by aligning resources with a distributed accountability model, eliminating hand-offs and low-value work
  • Led redesign of the recruitment process at a professional services firm to improve speed of recruiting and lift the quality of new hires, supporting 100% growth over two years, with minimal additional staff
  • Reduced field services cost by >20% while improving service delivery at a telco, by improving scheduling to optimise utilisation, removing rework and other bad volumes, redesigning high priority tasks to reduce the time required, and reducing unit costs through improved third-party agreements
  • Led a large client and consulting team to design the future state and develop the implementation roadmap for an integrated national salesforce, following the merger of two US logistics companies
  • Led growth strategy design for a mid-sized media company, targeting key B2B customer segments and designing value propositions for each, allowing 10-15% cost reductions while delivering against key customer requirements
  • Conducted a customer service redesign for the Australian business of a multinational insurance company, prioritising opportunities for automation vs. re-investment in assisted experience to reduce cost while improving overall customer experience
  • Led a client team to triage, prioritise, consolidate and rationalise a large programme of capital projects for a mid-sized bank


Helen holds a Ph.D. in Organisational Psychology from Macquarie University and a BA (Hons) in Psychology from the University of Queensland.