Profiled PIPers

Herman Su


Herman has 7 years’ experience in continuous improvement, operational excellence, and lean six sigma, including 5 years as a consultant at Accenture. Throughout his career, Herman has served clients across industries, including mining, property development, construction, electricity utility, and airlines. Prior to joining Partners in Performance, Herman has extensive operations and mining experiences. He spent four years in remote mine sites at Freeport Indonesia. He has worked in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, and Australia.

Career snapshot

  • Gold mine, target setting study: Conducted target setting study for gold mining company in South Africa resulting in all in sustaining cost reduction opportunity from $1000/oz to $800/oz
  • Gold mine, cost wiring: Implemented cost wiring and cost management practices in mining, processing and maintenance departments at low-grade marginal gold mine. Cost per tonne and ore dilution rates were decreased to profitable levels
  • Gold mine, maintenance planning: Improved maintenance planning and strategy by building equipment life cycle plan, implementing work management program, and setting up continuous improvement idea pipeline for a remote mine in Papua New Guinea
  • Aggreate plant, production improvement: led a workstream that improved crushing plant production from 27,000 ton/month to 40,000 ton/month by improving maintenance plan and optimizing plant operating hours
  • Concentrating plant, performance management: developed performance analytics tool in copper & gold mine concentrating plant to analyse and optimize throughput and recovery variance
  • Copper & gold mine, cost reduction: identified $10m cost savings opportunities in material/supplies costs. Worked with line managers to develop detailed action plan and start implementing $6m of the $10m
  • Copper & gold mine, strategic sourcing: developed sourcing strategy for electrical & instrumentation supplies; achieved over $1.7m in annual cost savings
  • Copper & gold mine, rapid sourcing: reduced direct–charge material procurement processing time by 20% by implementing new SOP and standardizing procurement process
  • Copper & gold mine, organisation design: developed organisation design planning guideline and work roster planning for Indonesian copper & gold mine company
  • Heavy equipment, business modeling: designed and implemented rent versus buy model to help management in heavy equipment investment decision; result from the model has saved $1m in annual cost savings
  • Underground mine, productivity improvement: improved underground mine drifting mDeq achievement by 50% by implementing cycle-time improvement initiatives
  • Property developer, operational excellence: Redesigned processes and improved end-to-end project management practices for a large developer property in Malaysia resulting in 50 days reduction in delay
  • Underground mine construction, construction productivity: increased productivity of front line workers by 20% by implementing work disruption report and transportation management
  • Airline, business Improvement: Assisted continuous improvement engagement for a major airline in Australia that delivered more than $100 million improvement pipeline
  • Low cost carrier, diagnostic: revised existing business processess to make it scaleable and identified revenue uplift opportunities through IT for a low cost carrier in the Philippines
  • Electricity utility, capital improvement: improved capital project execution through performance management, improved programmed of work and delivery process
  • Thermal power plant, operational review: Identified opportunities to increase shareholder return by optimising future coal quality and finding optimal trade-off between availability and capex
  • Electricity utility, diagnostic: Identified opportunities to increase EBIT by $30m by driving efficiencies and effectiveness of end-to-end project management process of utility capital project in Malaysia
  • Electricity utility, ERP roll out: redesigned material management business process and support implementation of SAP


Herman’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Engineering, Cum Laude, from the Institut Teknologi Bandung. He also holds a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification and Insinyur degree (Ir). Outside of work, Herman enjoys traveling, reading, building machines, and drawing.