Meet our people

Karin Wright


Karin has worked in New Zealand, Malaysia, and at home in Australia on projects, and has been all over the world in her free time. She tells us the best landscapes are found in Iceland, Tibet and the Swiss Alps. For the best (spicy) food, Karin can’t get enough of Chengdu and Delhi, and Berlin and Shanghai top off the best spots for culture on her list. Need a good book? Over the years, Karin what has ended up with a large collection of paperback books that she’s happy to lend to her colleagues.

Karin has significant experience in capital projects, operational improvement and business development. Since joining in 2014, she has had the opportunity to work with exceptional clients in the steelmaking, oil and gas, and infrastructure industries, while staying close to home. With many of her projects being in Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia, Karin gets to spend time in her home office and take advantage of ‘Unleashing Potential’ (UP Days) where she can share and hear IP and client results, as well as catch up with colleagues.

Karin’s focus is on making sure her clients make the shift to being results-driven before she passes the reins:

I was interested in the diversity of experiences offered at Partners in Performance, as well as their focus on tangible results. I’ve helped clients think differently about their business and change the culture of the organisation to be focused on delivering results. I’d recommend it to those who are eager to get hands-on consulting experience on the front-line of solving operational problems.

Career snapshot

  • Identified potential Capex savings of $2bn for an integrated iron-ore rail and port project.
  • Identified procurement cost savings of $5-8m, and overhead cost reduction opportunities in corporate services of $3m at an electricity generator and retailer.
  • Identified short-term cost savings opportunities of $3-6m at an abattoir company by improving maintenance effectiveness.
  • Identified procurement cost savings of $5m at a packaging manufacturer.
  • Identified low-cost production increases of 10%-30% of annual throughput at a steel processing plant, by identifying and developing options for eliminating bottlenecks and identifying key drivers for constrained production. Developed a debottlenecking methodology that was successfully rolled out to all of the client’s sites. 
  • Engineering and technology manager on a pre-feasibility project for an integrated steel plant development. Led market analysis, raw material characterisation, process route option development and comparative techno-economic modelling.
  • Identified $2bn in Capex savings through a value analysis process at an integrated steel plant, power plant, rail, road and port capital project. Scoped project, defined organisational structure, managed technology selection, pre-feasibility engineering, development of environmental standards, and initial impact analysis and financial modelling. Total project Capex was $7-10bn.
  • Managed a team delivering a pre-acquisition transition plan at an integrated manufacturing company; redefining the organisation, selecting products, manufacturing units and organisation blocks to maintain, decommission, or sell, to build a sustainable operation that integrated with the client’s long-term strategy. Identified, scoped and costed potential improvements in the configuration of the business, and developed a strategic roadmap.
  • Provided technical, commercial, and project implementation guidance to a construction company whilst it prepared a tender for the construction of a heavy section mill in the Middle East (tender value of AU$500m). Guidance greatly improved the technical understanding and confidence of the client’s tender team and enabled an on-time submission.
  • Managed a team preparing information to support a client’s operations team’s preparation of the commissioning and ramp-up of a minerals beneficiation plant.
  • Delivered the fastest plant start-up in a steel coating plant’s history, by coaching and mentoring a client’s operations team.
  • Managed the process design of a coal washery. The plant had a world-class ramp on commissioning, with no process design issues.
  • Reviewed technical, financial, safety and market risks associated with a new manufacturing project for a steel plant. Assisted client in structuring a decision-making framework.
  • Identified operational cost savings of AU$4.5m a year at an oil refinery by advanced process modelling, and by leading an option feasibility study.
  • Reduced time and costs of an integrated smelter plant by implementing use of standard and streamlined design processes. 


  • Bachelor’s degree (Hons) in Engineering (Chemical), first-class, from the University of Sydney and completed the Advanced Engineering Programme
  • Chancellor’s Industry Scholar in the University of Sydney
  • CPEng and NPER accredited engineer and a graduate of Stanford University’s course in Advanced Project Management
  • Currently completing an MBA at the Australian Graduate School of Management (UNSW Australia)