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Keethan Kander


Keethan has three years’ experience with Partners in Performance. He has delivered improvements across coal, nickel, copper, iron-ore, manganese and gold mines throughout Africa. Keethan has also been part of several diagnostic engagements that helped clients quantify potential improvements. Keethan also has seven years’ experience in operational improvement and line management, including two years as a Strategy Implementation and Intelligence Analyst for a South African coal to liquids manufacturer. He has worked in the petro-chemical industry in plant improvement and optimisation, operations management, engineering management and project execution roles. His interests include outdoor sports, community development and travelling.

Career snapshot

  • Operational due diligence for a South African BBBEE consortium: Assisted a South African investment consortium (BBBEE) seeking buy-side due diligence support in evaluating an investment opportunity in the steel sector. Completed a desktop diagnostic and identified overall upside of R15bn for the asset base in five weeks.
  • Organisational 'Wiring' engagement at a West African gold miner: Assisted the client to setup the systems and 'Wiring' improvements to deliver on an improvement pipeline worth $20m in five weeks.
  • Sourcing at Namibian zinc miner: Assisted a base metal open-pit mine in Namibia to reduce procured spend by 6% to 8% over 12 weeks through sourcing improvements. Delivered R55m p.a.
  • Gas processing plant optimisation: Developed and implemented plant support tool to improve problem identification and optimisation of unit. Identified opportunity to reduce foaming of carbonate wash tower, resulting in higher sustainable gas loads to unit by understanding the problem root cause. Implemented optimised vanadium oxidation strategy to increase runtime of unit by one year. Estimated savings of R100m p.a. Optimised cryogenic separation unit by solving flooding problem. R10m p.a. savings for unit. Methane header debottlenecking. Recommendation yielded R10m value addition for unit by reducing downstream header pressure.
  • Commissioning: Successfully managed compressor upgrade to dry gas seal technology to reduce unit downtime. Successfully managed the implementation of R20m heat exchanger project to increase runtime of gas processing unit by 25% by reducing contaminant carry over. Successfully managed the implementation of R100m upgrade project to increase throughput to unit.
  • Business Intelligence and Strategy Analyst – licensed to operate: Identified opportunities to reduce compliance capital for Air Quality Act roadmap through plant optimisation and stream rerouting alternatives. Developed waste reduction roadmap in response to the promulgated Waste Act and associated requirements. Developed greenhouse gas strategy to reduce carbon footprint and improve efficiency of facility by increasing self-generation of electricity.


  • MBA from the University of Cape Town (with distinction)
  • Master’s of Science – Nuclear Engineering, from the North West University (with distinction)
  • Bachelor of Science – Chemical Engineering (Hons) from the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal