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MariaTeresa Chavez


MariaTeresa has worked across several industries in multinational corporations. She has worked in the development and implementation of engineering and capital projects, financial control, operational risk and financial corporate audit division. This experience has included quantitative analyses where MariaTeresa was required to structure financial and operational models for clients in Argentina, Chile, Peru and the United States.

The opportunity to work around the world is something that appeals to MariaTeresa’s love of traveling. It’s this sense of adventure that also inspires her weekends closer to home too, where you’ll find her hiking, parasailing or climbing. Now that she has ticked snowboarding in the alps off her bucket list, she has her sights set on a skydive next. For someone who says that she’s ‘in love with places I’ve never been to’, a role at Partners in Performance is the perfect way to travel and ‘collect memories’ while contributing meaningfully to organisations around the globe.

Career snapshot

  • Food manufacturer: Developed the 5-year strategy and implementation plan for a food manufacturer company to reach 8% improvement in their ROIC. This included portfolio strategy and the optimisation of their plants and distribution centers’ location.
  • Explosives: Developed a pipeline of ideas side by side with the client
  • Gold mine: Conducted a ROCx (Rapid optimisation of capital expenditure) project and identified 19 improvement ideas to increase expansion project’s NPV by 85%
  • Lithium mine: Conducted a ROCx project and identified 33 improvement ideas to increase lithium extraction project’s NPV by 53%
  • Multinational manufacturer: Developed quantitative models to minimise losses in industrial operations, determined the most profitable transfer pricing in six countries by developing financial models which simulated different economic and market scenarios, and developed a finance and control audit in the same business unit across five countries
  • UG Zinc, lead and silver mine: Conducted a safety diagnostic and identified 32 improvement ideas to strengthen safety culture and reduce risks
  • Multinational retail: Run a gap analysis model to identify the maximum saving opportunities in annual Opex expenditure, resulting in $19 million per annum savings (15% of base)
  • Ceramics: Commercial and rapid sourcing with 12% savings in transportation and distribution category
  • Textile manufacturer: Purchase consolidation and procedure standardisation for the outsourcing of production by designing and implementing a simulator to choose the best outsourcing option calculating financial risk, operational costs, quality and lead time, with total annual Opex savings of 13%


Bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering from Universidad de Lima and a BSc in Business Administration from Royal Holloway, University of London.