Meet our people

Nathan Spence


Who knows, it could one day be a name you see in lights! For now, though, as he’s learning to record, mix and master in his spare time, musical aspirations have not yet replaced Nathan’s day job as a Senior Associate at Partners in Performance.

We also use the term ‘spare time’ loosely - that’s because for Nathan, it’s likely in short supply. Keeping him busy outside of work is a sideline passion project - a start-up not-for-profit organisation focused on integrating the MBA community in Australia through conferences, events and networking.

Not surprisingly, it’s a community close to his heart, as he also holds an MBA from Melbourne Business School where he graduated on the Dean’s Honours List. For him, it’s a project that encompasses his key passions - collaboration, innovation and diversity.

As you can see, he’s not a man who sits still for long, and indeed he’s had a career on the move too. Nathan’s time at Partners in Performance has already seen him travel the globe, having worked in Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and Australia. He has almost 10 years’ experience in operations and project management in mining, manufacturing, maintenance, human resources, finance and the public sector. His mining experience covers all major commodities - bauxite, coal, copper, diamonds, gold, iron-ore and uranium.

Prior to joining Partners in Performance, Nathan worked as a Process Engineer and Metallurgist at Rio Tinto.

Career snapshot

  • Redefined the operating strategy of a glass manufacturing factory to increase throughput by 9% within the first four weeks, including a 25% increase in toughened glass production. Identified a $7m pipeline of improvement ideas and established local 'Business Improvement' (BI) team.
  • Identified $24m worth of efficiency improvement ideas for a government department, including $6m cross-agency initiatives. Developed a model to assess and compare financial and FTE impacts overall and per facility, as well as sensitivity, counter-physicals and timelines of each initiative.
  • Cost savings of $2.9m on external consultants for a Niuginian mine site. Developed an objective and robust recruitment process for rapid identification, assessment and hiring of local BI team members. Filled six out of seven roles within two months.


  • MBA from Melbourne Business School, graduating with Dean’s List Honours
  • Combined Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) / Science from the University of Melbourne