Meet our people

Rebecca North


Rebecca has over 20 years’ experience in strategic, operational and line management roles, including five years as a consultant at the Boston Consulting Group. She has worked across many industries, including financial services, airlines, hotels, railways, industrial goods, and textile and automotive manufacturing. Prior to joining Partners in Performance, Rebecca spent six years in various senior strategy roles at CBA, most recently in the Wealth Management division. She has worked in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada and Germany.

Career snapshot

  • Large discount big box retailer: Led a team to identify and launch a set of initiatives to deliver $20m reduction in annual administrative process costs across over 225 stores across Australia and New Zealand
  • Federal Government, service delivery: Established, coached and trained a large client team tasked to drive a five year organisation-wide digital transformation. Activities included target state articulation, KPI setting and tracking, project portfolio assessment and management, communications and strategic scanning
  • Large state police organisation: Designed a future operating model to deliver $1.6bn annually in taxpayer value while meeting future community needs
  • Major dairy producer: Supported client develop a $30m cost reduction and throughput improvement pipeline to be delivered over 24 months
  • CBA, superannuation and investments business: Proposed and delivered a $36.6m, 2 ½ year group strategic investment on time and under budget with actual benefits tracking 5% above original forecast
  • CBA, weath management division: Defined a bank-wide philosophy and approach to responsible investing, resulting in a public launch of principles by the CBA Board and a highly visible action plan for each impacted business unit, currently tracking to plan
  • New Zealand Bank: Led a comprehensive programme to identify and implement initiatives which delivered a $100m reduction in cost base within three years and embedded a productivity mindset throughout the organisation
  • Hotel group: Drove turnaround of lead asset during steep economic downturn by compressing and reorganising the cost base to level profit under -10% room revenue pressure, increasing revenue performance of hotel from -5% to +15% against competitor index, and leading a fundamental change in staff culture and performance
  • Public-private partnership (Government): Defined and assisted in communicating to the public the five-year priority and implementation plan of a 25 year, US$2.7bn economic redevelopment project
  • Industrial equipment division of large multinational conglomerate: Developed a market strategy and implementation plan to grow US service revenues from US$100m to US$250m in three years


Rebecca’s qualifications include an MBA (Hons) from the Emory University and Bachelor of Science (Hons) from the University of Maryland in International Business and German.