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Steven Henderson


Steven is a digital transformation and innovation consultant with deep expertise in designing and delivering digital transformation, products, and services for enterprise and start-ups. Co-founder of a digital innovation consultancy, Vivant (later acquired by IBM), Steven has consulted for clients including Westpac, Qantas, Warner Music Group, HBOS, PayPal, Commonwealth Bank, and Telstra.

Born in Scotland, Steven began to build his career in America before landing in Australia in 2004 with the aim of creating digital products on mobile devices. Over 14 years later, he is settled in Sydney with his two children.

Career snapshot

  • Consulting: Co-founded and built a digital innovation consulting practice which grew to employ a team of 60 and was later acquired by IBM
  • Agile transformation: Designed multiple scaled agile operating models, including an enterprise agile discovery pipeline across a $100m portfolio, resulting in a $1m-$2m reduction in waste per quarter and a clear measurement of business outcomes
  • Customer journey transformation: Created a customer journey transformation across an enterprise portfolio to drive strategic alignment, ensure consistency in customer experience, and prioritise technology investment
  • Financial services: Introduced a new outcome measurement model based on desirability, viability, and feasibility, recognised and adopted enterprise-wide
  • Airlines: Led the design and validation of new business models for airline loyalty programmes
  • Real estate / financial services: Led the design and validation of complimentary services for mortgage sales and customer engagement, which resulted in numerous industry awards
  • Financial services: Led the design and validation of a banking mobile application, which resulted in an improvement of the net promoter score to number one amongst peers
  • Financial services: Led the design and development of a bank’s digital experience, which resulted in the bank achieving recognition as the second-most innovative company in Australia
  • Telecommunications/start-up: Launched a location-based loyalty product which was licensed to a major telecommunications company to drive customer engagement
  • Start-up: Significant start-up experience across gaming, fintech, and health


Steven is passionate about enabling continuous business transformations and delivering innovation. He has extensive expertise in lean product development, lean start-up, customer journey transformation, and evolving complex business portfolios using lean and agile principles. Steven also has a Masters in Multimedia Technology and qualifications in Kanban Coaching, Scrum, Cynefin, Complexity, and Lean Start-Up.

Steven's current objective is to bring together complexity science and design thinking to better understand and serve customers.