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Todd Blackford


Todd joins Partners in Performance with over 20 years of strategy and operations consulting experience. Todd has a proven track record of defining corporate and business unit strategic direction, transforming the performance of existing businesses and reshaping organisational operating models to deliver superior results. Experiences span across a wide variety of industries, including energy and natural resources, heavy industrial products and high-volume manufacturing. Outside of work, Todd enjoys spending quality time with his family and watching sport.

Career snapshot

  • Independent Oil and Gas company transformed the company’s current planning and performance management operating model. Achieved improvements in decision-making, resulting in 35% improvement in capital efficiency.
  • Large integrated oil company – executed transformative operating model solutions to improve alignment, delivering step change in performance across their global projects organisation.
  • Independent Oil and Gas company – led a ‘factory’ approach to onshore well delivery, deploying lean principles. Delivered well delivery cycle time reduction of over 50% and NPV gains or over $150m.
  • Countertop manufacturer – implemented lean manufacturing resulting in a full transformation of operational capabilities. Project delivered 85% reduction in production lead time and cost reduction of US$100m.
  • Solar panel manufacturer – applied lean techniques such as cellular manufacturing and demand-pull to accomplish significant improvements in facility productivity and WIP reductions. Solar panel production per day increased by 65% in less than three months.
  • Electrical distribution product manufacturer – delivered a full end-to-end lean transformation.   Transformation led to a decrease in WIP inventory by 50%, stock-outs reduced by 90% and productivity increases of 40%.


Todd holds an MBA from Georgia State University Robinson School of Business and a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance from Indiana University.