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Vitaly Dolgov


In a career spanning continents, Vitaly has worked for 15 years in operational improvement and line management. Vitaly’s skills and passion lie in rapidly turning businesses around, improving productivity of construction projects, and helping clients build business improvement and leadership capabilities. His focus has been on capital intensive industry, including mining, construction, chemicals, heavy manufacturing, metals processing, airlines, logistics and IT. Prior to joining, Vitaly worked as a Senior Operations and Logistics Manager at Uber Australia, and as a Research and Development engineer at the largest jet engine production plant in Russia.

Vitaly’s professional life has seen him work across Asia Pacific, Europe and Central Asia. He hails from a city called Chernigov in Ukraine, and is drawn back often for both its beauty, and for the ties he’ll forever have to his hometown. When not on the move, he still travels to other places and times through his love of reading - which give him similar experiences, learnings and emotions. He’s notched up several half-marathons, always with the intention to beat his own times. For him, weekends spent with friends and family, hiking or rock climbing in the gym is the perfect balance to a busy work life.

Career snapshot

  • Papua New Guinean gold miner, ramp up: assisted in changing the course of operations from receivership to >30 mtpa mining, >4 mtpa processing and >200 koz gold production at all in sustaining cost of ~1,000 USD/oz. Vitaly led the team of 10 helping client re-build its fundamental wiring (e.g. maintenance equipment strategy), implement initiatives to debottleneck operations, reduce capital shut duration, and develop internal business improvement capability
  • Malaysian construction company, construction productivity: helped major construction company achieve an improvement of >RM 500m in GDV by avoiding penalties and overhead costs from early completion of delayed projects. Established PMO at COO level to oversee top 10 problematic construction projects, established and coached ’light touch’ PMOs on the ground
  • Philippines low-cost airline, business improvement: identified initiatives with value of >1b peso, improved cargo operations process times by 35-50%, established and coached the business improvement team. Built and coached the team of eight client people, conducted a diagnostic of the back-office processes, reconfigured organisational wiring from the top (C-level) to the frontline through cascaded accountability meetings
  • Australian coal seam gas producer, capital optimisation: helped the client identify capital optimisation ideas worth A$3.0b and manage 66% of the value through to the final business case. Out of the team of four, Vitaly identified initiatives in drilling, gathering, and transmission, while consolidating analysis for the whole team
  • Philippines offshore IT department of a global investment bank, business improvement: $16m in sustained cost reduction, improved quality of service and customer satisfaction (1.5% increase in critical IT systems availability, 20% reduction in number of incidents, while sustaining 22% growth in inbound requests). Led the business improvement team of eight and built internal business improvement capability
  • Australian iron ore miner, business improvement: helped the low-cost iron ore mine to reduce its unit cost by 35% in 12 months through efficiency, effectiveness, and cost reduction initiatives (e.g. truck utilisation +16%, reducing Light Vehicle fleet by 20%, 10% FTE reduction). Vitaly led the team of 3 consultants, coaching mine senior leadership and helping prioritising business improvement initiatives
  • Russian phosphate miner, asset strategy: led the team to develop 10-year production strategy, capital programme and business improvement plan for four mines, one process plant and one railway department, improving NPV by ~50%. Additionally, delivered A$2.5m pa in cost savings (beyond project scope)
  • Australian greenfield iron ore mine, capital optimisation: helped review a mature estimate for greenfield development, bringing down expected cost by ~10% (from A$782m to ~A$700m), developed potential minimum technical solution with the cost of ~A$620m, and helped review company’s contracting strategy
  • Russian gold mine, business improvement: led the team to support gold mine ramp-up from 130 to 230k oz / year through implementing business improvement ideas (~A$30m pa) in truck & shovel and drill & blast
  • Australian chemical manufacturer, diagnostic: identified A$25mpa EBIT improvement opportunity and developed a five-step site turnaround programme. Led a team of four for 10 days of the diagnostic


MSc in Mechanical Engineering from Trinity College of Dublin (TCD) and Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC); BSc (hons) in Automation and Robotics from Bauman Moscow State Technical University (BMSTU).