We look for people with:

A passion for results: a relentless focus on delivering results, pragmatism and interest in generating real impact. An appetite for hustle and making things happen – and happen quickly. 

  • A hard-worker with outstanding grades?
  • Pragmatic and practical?
  • Personally responsible for making a difference?

Problem-solving and analytical skills: an ability to dissect complex problems and quickly identify the critical levers with which to effect positive change.

  • Good at solving complex problems?
  • Able to implement solutions to complex problems?
  • Able to generate successful ideas?

People skills: excellent communicator with strong interpersonal skills who is good at establishing rapport, listening, building trust and coaching. Good at bringing people on the journey with them.

  • Respected by your peers?
  • A clear and concise communicator?
  • A coach to those around you?

Energy: a high level of energy and an ability to motivate and inspire others; fun to work with. Happy to travel.

  • Friendly and fun to be around?
  • Enjoy working in a team?
  • Love knowing every day will be different?

Role model material: individuals who are a good match with Partner in Performance’s values. 

  • Aligned with our values?
  • Able to demonstrate how you live our values?


We’re always looking for smart, driven results-focused individuals keen to make a difference.