What's life like at PIP?

  • Our team is full of passionate, highly talented individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds
  • Most of the time you’ll be partnering with our clients in their offices, and we have a number of support systems and communication tools to make sure you always feel part of the PIP team, no matter where your engagement takes you
  • We work hard and love to have fun – we accomplish both through office retreats, cohort training and social functions

Hear what life is like at PIP, through the eyes of our PIPers


How is a PIP career different?

Our team works with clients to unleash potential by changing behaviours, not just business processes.

  • A PIP career combines a line management approach with the problem-solving skills of traditional management consultancy
  • We help our clients sustain the big, bottom-line results we deliver by coaching them and building their capabilities
  • With selected clients, we offer pay-for-results agreements

We are a top-tier management consulting firm that is unlike any other. You won't just create reports and PowerPoint presentations – you’ll learn to identify problems and implement solutions while working side by side with your clients.

I love McKinsey and I love PIP. The people at both places are great, and very, very, smart. The big difference I see is that at McKinsey, we drove change by influencing the top of the organisation; at PIP, we drive change by influencing and coaching from the CEO through to the frontline. Focusing on frontline change means we have to get lots of individual people to change what they do every day, and that means we have to develop real human relationships with them. In three years at PIP, I have been told "You changed my life" by client people in the US, India, Malaysia, and Brazil. It's a big responsibility and a big compliment. Not a lot of firms give you the opportunity to hear that.


Photo: Adrian (right) with a client in Kuala Lumpur

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