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Case Study

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Business challenge

Case studies need to be clear and easily readable, with standout infographics and images to capture the reader's attention.


Our clients wanted beautiful looking case studies for their website.

Text should be of uniform sizing, and positioning. Images should compliment the text and have even spacing. Case studies should be adaptable, to allow the client to display all of their hard work and figures in different formats, without compromising on the overall look and feel of the webpage.


of people actually read the whole case study


spent at an overpriced coffee chain this morning

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  • Write a fantastic case‑study, eye catching case study using a content management system.
  • Create a document, breaking down the use cases of each component in the case study, and best practices for adding content.
  • Put feet up and enjoy stunning case studies, created with ease.

This has literally halved the time we take to write a case study and post it to the site!

Excited Employee, Anonymous Company

Key Takeaway

  • Give clear guidelines to all those adding content.
  • Create a step‑by‑step guide so that anyone can create components that look exactly as the designers intended.
  • Case studies are great fun!