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Schools Plus exists to help close the education gap caused by disadvantage. They work with teachers and schools in disadvantaged areas to empower them with funding, coaching and resources to implement initiatives that will help their students succeed.

Organisational purpose and mission statement

Schools Plus exists to help close the education gap caused by disadvantage. They empower schools in disadvantaged communities with funding, coaching and resources to create lasting change, which helps students succeed.

Their vision is that all young Australians reach their potential through access to a great education.


Challenge faced by organisation

An important part of Schools Plus’ network is their donor base, who are essentially for supporting many of the projects to help schools in disadvantaged communities.

To help inform the future donor outreach strategy and overall organisational strategy, Schools Plus engaged PiP to conduct a survey to understand:

1. What perceptions donors have of the organisation, especially in terms of trust, credibility and delivery of meaningful student outcomes

2. How to best engage donors and make them feel valued

To date, minimal studies and surveys have been conducted to have a comprehensive understanding of what donors think despite their high importance for supporting our client’s vision. 

How we helped

  • Developed the donor survey questions that focused on perceptions and engagement

  • Analysed donor survey results, providing important insights for their various strategy plans

  • Recommended key actions for improving donor relations and reporting strategy

Impact achieved

Refreshed donor outreach strategy so it is relevant, insightful, and based on data from 39 donors.

  • Developed a set of tangible actions that can be easily managed with limited resources.

  • Developed a model for analysing results that can be used for future surveys.

  • Established a baseline for donor perceptions and engagement that can be extended into future performance management initiatives.

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