Food and agribusiness

We have a proven track record of identifying and delivering revenue, cost and quality improvements for agricultural and food production clients.

We understand the challenges Agriculture and Food Production businesses currently face as a result of changing consumer diets, scarcity of natural resources, supermarket buying power and increased competition from emerging economies. Our range of consulting services within the sector respond to these challenges and include:

  • Commercial due diligence
  • Throughput optimisation and de-bottlenecking
  • Cost reduction
  • Yield, waste and quality
  • Automation
  • Optimising the product mix to maximise bottom line and production planning/master scheduling
  • Capacity management and a flexing of capacity across sites to match the seasonal profile
  • Cross-site organisation design
  • Salesforce effectiveness and pricing
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Organisation design
  • Shared services optimisation.

Examples of how we have helped businesses in the Agriculture and Food Production sector:

  • We carried out a programme of rapid diagnostics across multiple sites for a major dairy manufacturer. We helped identify AU$50m of opportunities that covered de-bottlenecking, yield, downgrades, giveaway, cost reduction and product mix optimisation.
  • We worked with a major food and ingredient manufacturer to deliver a AU$100m pay-for-results productivity and cost-reduction improvement programme. We:
    • Embedded and coached a team of 20 full-time Continuous Improvement (CI) leaders to drive the programme across multiple sites, to deliver the pipeline and drive ongoing improvement well after we had left.
    • Cascaded more than 60 1:1 management reviews and a further 50 front-line visual boards through the business to get the right wiring in place.
  • We supported a market-leading food processing business to identify a AU$35m cost-savings opportunity by moving its multiple manufacturing, warehousing and distribution operations into a single facility.
  • We teamed up with a private equity firm to identify business improvements in a multi-site food processing business, prior to proceeding with an acquisition bid. We identified over $80m of additional benefits across the business through labour-cost reduction, yield improvements, capacity optimisation and sourcing.
Partners in Performance came to it with an open mind and very sure about what they wanted to do. They pushed us and they challenged us, which is what they needed to do, but it was done in a respectful way. They were part of our business, they became entrenched and part of our culture, they understood how we worked and they understood our weaknesses as well. I’ve dealt with blue chip, global consultancy agencies, whose names I won’t mention, but I’ve dealt with them and Partners in Performance was a standout: absolute clear standout. Great results. The minute we started, putting attention [on], and started articulating how, the sales process should work, and putting a lot of focus on our sales guys, we could start to see the revenue jumping. ROBERT, GENERAL MANAGER - HUMAN RESOURCES, AGRICULTURAL INDUSTRY

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