We transform airline business performance – from network planning to airport turnaround – by sustainably delivering the most important initiatives.

Summary of our diverse airline expertise

  • Worked in and consulted to global, full-service airlines and regional low-fare carriers in the US, Europe, Asia and the Pacific
  • Transformed profitability and cash flow, improving On-Time Performance, conducting commercial due diligence

We align transformation with the drivers of profitability

  • Revenue optimisation: Load factor maximisation, yield improvement, increasing ancillary revenue
  • Operating cost control: Optimising fuel burn, improving in-flight service efficiency, reducing catering costs
  • Aircraft, Crew, Lease & Maintenance (ACMI) management: Increasing crew utilisation (rostering and labour agreement negotiation), improving fleet composition and selection, optimising the planning and delivering of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance
  • Network optimisation: Reconfiguring fleet allocation to maximise margin, improving aircraft utilisation rates
  • Overhead cost control: Enhancing sales force effectiveness, driving support staff efficiency

Translating airline industry knowledge and experience into results

Working with our clients to develop ideas

  • We don’t just make recommendations, we work with our clients to deliver fully implemented, sustainable results

“Wiring” airlines to manage change

  • “Wiring” is the management processes and behaviours that determine performance
  • We work with airlines to reinforce and improve wiring in order to deliver results
  • Our proven tools identify and close wiring gaps, establish strong processes and clear accountability, and introduce short interval control of key priorities

Delivering results through coaching and competence building

  • Results can only be rapid and sustainable if the workforce knows how to deliver and maintain them
  • Our engagements involve coaching, training and competency development to ensure results are deliverable and sustainable

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